It was the Sun family who were killed!”

“I#!” Zhou Yun’s eyes widened.
In addition to answering the phone calls from Qin Cheng and Professor Lin at first, Wang Xuan told them not to worry and that everything would be fine for the night. He did not answer the calls from anyone else.
Because there are too many calls, some familiar and some unfamiliar, and there is no doubt that they all come to understand the situation.
In the end, he just sent a message to the group: Everything is fine, it’s okay.
After this news spread, it triggered a new round of turmoil. The owner himself spoke, everything was fine, nothing happened. Although the words were few, they were full of information.
Some people think that in addition to reporting that he is safe, he also shows his confidence and is quite confident!
Wang Xuan put his cell phone to silent, put it aside, and began to study the ancient lamp. He had to wake up Lao Chen, because the battle had just begun!
It’s not his character to passively accept attacks, and he can’t wait for others to knock on him again and again.
Wang Xuan was convinced that if Lao Chen hadn’t been suddenly and severely injured by the exotic treasure, and he had been released into the city where the Sun family was located, the damage would have been huge.
There are many people with ulterior motives on Xinxing, and the big forces are not easy to deal with. If Lao Chen recovers, the two people attack from different routes and break into the important places of the Sun family, and the deterrent force formed will be amplified to Extreme.
Of course, if only Lao Chen is released and he continues to remain mysterious in the health palace, it will be a terrible shock and make people guess.
This night, Su City was very peaceful. No one was making trouble, and no one was approaching the Health Palace. From all sides, this place is quite scary.
After all, even the Sun family’s Thunder attack failed.
This lamp is not big, the main part is 12 to 3 centimeters high, like a small lantern, with a full shape.
It is made of an unknown black metal, and the upper end is connected to a chain. The end of the chain is a larger ring that can be carried in the hand.
“How to use it?” Wang Xuan weighed it. It was very heavy and heavy. It is estimated that if it hits the opponent’s head directly, a bloody hole will appear.
The lamp body is engraved with various patterns, as well as birds and animals, etc. The style is simple, and the most eye-catching one is the carving of a small arrow in the center of nature.
Wang Xuan tried to inject some super matter into it. The lamp body glowed slightly and had some reaction.
He tried repeatedly and gradually figured out how to use this rare treasure. It was not complicated and required injecting extraordinary substances into the lamp body.
/In an era when mythology decays, this thing will become a mortal object. The Sun family most likely activated this thing by collecting X matter from otherworldly planets such as Secret Land and Blessed Land.
Now the metamatter inside is