wo provincial-level administrative regions have fallen and been occupied by powerful monsters!

According to some photos and other information taken from occupied areas, human beings have become the focus of hunting by monsters in these occupied areas.
To put it simply, cooking techniques such as barbecue and stew are used by monsters on humans.
living hell!
This is the masthead title of a world-class media!
The photos below are exactly the scenes of monsters hunting and killing humans in several occupied areas.
Suddenly global public opinion was in an uproar!
Although monsters and chaos have appeared in many countries before, resulting in the death of many humans.
But these countries at least responded in time and suppressed most of the monster violence.
The monster rampage incident in Japan was entirely caused by the lack of attention from the top management!
Of course, the most fatal problem is that the monsters or monsters that appear in Japan seem to be more intelligent than the monsters in other countries!
This can be seen in the way they cook humans.
At least they can use fire and make some tools to the best of their ability, which proves that they are quite intelligent!
Some monsters even pick up human firearms and try to learn how to use them!
/This is most shocking.
You know, even though the Human Race and Star Race in StarCraft appeared in Cuihu City, China, they have high-tech combat weapons, but they will never use real human weapons!
They will only use their own weapons according to their own thinking, rather than learning to use real human weapons, which seems rather dull.
And now a monster with the ability to learn has appeared in Japan!
This really makes people a little afraid of future changes.
Some media even put forward the suggestion of nuclear pacification of Japan, which probably meant to nip the terrible disaster in the bud.
Of course, no one with any sense would agree with this suggestion.
If we really wiped Japan out of nuclear power, what should we do about the nuclear pollution? Isn’t it possible that everyone can still go to Mars to take refuge?
If the problem is considered more deeply, it may lead to a nuclear war.
After all, no one knows where the nuclear bomb may land before it lands.
/And by the time the nuclear bomb lands, it will be too late.
Of course, no matter how surprised all the countries in the world were at this incident, Japan’s violent institutions finally started to act under such stimulation.
In fact, the troops stationed in various places have long been engaged in small-scale battles against monsters. However, without orders from their superiors, they can only reduce the scope of their operations to the surrounding areas of the base.
Of course, this also caused fleeing citizens from various places to gather in these military bases, which also saved the lives of many citizens.
But one thing that needs to be explained is that even if the armies from all over the country launched a full-scale attack, the situation in Japan was already out o