lions of netizens have this cartoon in their computers, not to mention the servers of some video websites. of reserves.

In short, unless these computers and servers are destroyed, these dwarfs will really be immortal.
It had to be said that Wei Xiaobei wanted to curse loudly at this moment.
As for other special abilities, they are also quite abnormal.
For example, the ability of Brothers of One Mind allows the seven dwarfs to lend all their power to one of them for a short period of time.
There is also the ability of lumberjacks, which gives them extremely strong attack power when facing wood-type creatures.
Of course, brothers working together is a bit powerful, but lumberjack is of little use to Wei Xiaobei.
However, the weaknesses of these seven dwarfs are also very obvious. They are afraid of high temperatures, flames and even oil.
/After seeing this, Wei Xiaobei immediately distanced himself from the dwarves, turned the ink gun into a large ink bow, then took out the flame arrow and shot it towards the seven dwarves. Three arrows.
Sure enough, these dwarfs are afraid of fire.
Just as Wei Xiaobei’s rocket was fired, the seven dwarfs couldn’t help but scream, turned around and ran away with the giant ax in hand!
This scene made Wei Xiaobei a little stunned.
However, no matter how fast the seven dwarfs ran, they were not as fast as the fire dragon turned into a rocket. In less than half a breath, the fire dragon caught up with the dwarfs. In an instant, the fire dragon fell on the dwarfs, and then his body Rolling up the three dwarfs respectively, the blazing flames turned the three dwarfs into huge torches in an instant.
It has to be said that the weakness of these dwarfs is indeed the high temperature of the flames.
Just like that, the three dwarfs could no longer run, and their huge bodies fell to the ground.
In less than ten breaths, the three dwarfs were burned into black juice.
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel happy, and then commanded the three fire dragons to rush towards the remaining dwarves again.
The remaining dwarfs did not run away at this time, but turned over and rushed towards them with their giant axes, trying to kill the three fire dragons.
But these three fire dragons had no entity at all. Even if a few giant axes split the fire dragon into several pieces, the broken body of the fire dragon healed back in an instant, and then it caught up with the remaining dwarf generals. They were all burned into torches.
All seven dwarfs were killed by the fire dragon!
However, Wei Xiaobei looked at the evolution points and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.
Sure enough, the animated immortality of these seven dwarfs is real.
After killing them all by myself, I didn’t get the evolution points I deserved.
This means that these seven dwarfs did not really die!
The flames extinguished soon, leaving only useless white ashes on the ground.
Of course, from Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, even if those dwarfs could be resurrected, they would probably suffer a lot of losses after being