ys liked to talk about horror movies, couldn’t he talk about some beautiful future dramas?

He started to move cautiously, using his dagger to carefully scrape the charred black matter from the Feathered Immortal Bones. He was very measured and did not ask for more.
“Let’s go.” Wang Xuan stood up.
On the way back, he felt really melancholy. He was going to Xinxing soon, and he hoped that things would not change when he came back.
“Old Qing, have we analyzed the words on the silver animal skin scroll we obtained from the Qingcheng Mountain Underground Palace?” Wang Xuan thought about this.
In that underground area, he got Zhang Daoling’s five-page golden book and an animal skin book and gave it to the expedition organization. It was equally extraordinary to think about it.
Aoki sighed and invited a bunch of ancient text researchers to decipher it, but they still had no clue and no one knew it.
“My master looked more solemn than ever after seeing it. He said that the symbols looked familiar and were probably related to the mysterious contact.”
Wang Xuan was deeply surprised when he heard what he said. Is Aoki deliberately setting up a stage for Lao Chen, or is there indeed a big problem with those words?
His current identity will be “frozen”, and Wang Xuan will soon lose the brilliance of a master and start an ordinary life again.
But there are many issues to be dealt with, such as the confidentiality of the identity, the privacy of the current mobile phone, and the avatar continuing to follow Lao Chen.
“These are simple.” Aoki nodded. For him, these are not problems, such as the non-real-name system on the mobile phone and the jump address at any time.
Then Aoki added: “By the way, ‘Wang Xuan’ in Ancheng encountered a car accident. Fortunately, he was only slightly injured and there is no big problem.”
/When Wang Xuan heard this, he immediately exploded. He was now aliased as Wang Xiao, and someone in Ancheng wore a simulated human skin mask to replace him as Wang Xuan, but he was “accidentally killed in a car accident”?
Qingmu said: “The problems left by the young man from the Xinxing Song family have been dealt with now. The last ‘tail’ has been harvested, and nothing will happen in the future.”
Wang Xuan was stunned. The lunatic from the Song family was really a pervert. He had found people to assassinate him several times. He thought that after being locked up, it would be over. In the end, a “tail” appeared, trying to cause a car accident for him and send him on his way.
Aoki said: “He arranged this a long time ago. The person who collected the money only started it recently. He didn’t even know that the employer was locked up.”
Now it seems that the madmen of the Song family want to kill all the men who have a relationship with Ling Wei. The young people of the Wu family are the most unlucky, but they were abolished just after they met Ling Wei’s parents.
/The perverted murderous intentions of the Song family are too serious. Once they are released in the future, they will probably kill Wang Xuan.