ll. It turns out that Fish Daddy has been training Feige King since then!”

“I always thought that Fish Daddy would only train people from the Fish Dynasty.”
“Fish daddy took the trouble!”
“Why are you a little tearful?”
“I couldn’t hold back my tears while listening to “Oldboy”, but I burst into tears after watching this interview.”
“Could this be King Fei Ge’s imagination?”
“It can’t be just imagination. Everything is correct. Now that you think about those operations of Fish Daddy, don’t you think they are very meaningful?”
“Good intentions!”
Lin Yuan had just finished using the toilet and was about to return to the coaching area, but he happened to encounter King Fei Ge being interviewed, so he listened to a few words casually.
/Heard half of it.
Lin Yuan was so stunned that he almost didn’t even recognize himself!
Deliberate guidance?
Well intentioned?
Intentional cultivation?
/By making Fei Yang the so-called “second child in ten thousand years”, is he deliberately pushing the other party?
What is this?
Whether it’s a chance meeting with Fei Yang on the season charts or during “The King of Masked Singer”, it’s all a coincidence!
And that time with “Our Song”.
It was purely because of Fei Yang’s father’s physical problem that Lin Yuan thought of the song “Father”. The reason was so simple that it was almost straightforward!
The only one who has the right number.
Only the training center section.
However, even in the training center, Lin Yuan was indeed training Fei Yang, and his original intention was just so that Qinzhou could win one more gold medal!
Isn’t this obvious?
Why were Fei Yang and the reporter able to conclude that he was deliberately guiding a singer to help him make up for his shortcomings?
“Coach Xianyu!”
A reporter suddenly saw Lin Yuan:
“I didn’t expect that you have been deliberately guiding King Feige. What do you want to say?”
“Come on duck!”
Lin Yuan didn’t wait for reporters to surround him, leaving three words behind and ran away.
Can’t stand it!
These people are so clever!
It would be a pity not to do reading comprehension!
I almost doubted whether I really had good intentions for Fei Yang!
When the reporter saw Xianyu’s quickly retreating back, he realized the meaning of Fei Yang’s words just now, and his eyes became moist.
No taking credit at all!
Even more unwilling to steal Fei Yang’s limelight!
What a great spirit this is!
From Xianyu’s quickly leaving figure, everyone saw a music father who guided a singer, spurred a singer, and cared for a singer!
The story between Fei Yang and Xianyu about the “second child of ten thousand years” will definitely become a legend in the music industry!
He rubbed his sore eyes.
The Qinzhou reporter once again looked at Fei Yang, whose expression was full of emotion:
“So what do you want to say about the game itself?”
Fei Yang thought for a while and said: “After the competition, I only had one thought in my mind. It would be great if other competitions could be as simple as the Lan Le Club.”