does not have much hard-core scientific theory support, and the so-called “Microcontinuum Original” does not have a specific description. Even the time machine at the end is only a few words, but these things do not affect the excitement of this novel at all!

Chen Le burst into tears!
Sad people, sad people!
It wasn’t until I watched Chen Le that I realized what “The Sad One” actually meant.
At this moment, am I not a “sad person”?
Pull out the paper.
Chen Le wiped his nose vigorously.
Chen Le has read countless science fiction novels over the years, but only this one could make him cry so hard that he couldn’t help himself!
He could hardly judge the work “Heartbreaker” accurately and objectively, or even think about what kind of work it should be in the field of science fiction.
I want to cry so much!
The whole defense is completely broken!
It turns out that maternal love can also be a theme of science fiction
Chen Le wanted to contact Chu Kuang before and teach him some of his experience in writing science fiction, but now he learned something on his own.
I can’t cry alone!
Maybe this is a reaction everyone has when they are depressed?
Chen Le immediately opened the group chat where Chu Kuang was discussed before, and typed quickly:
“Come and read Chu Kuang’s science fiction novel!”
“Too beautiful!”
“It looks beyond imagination!”
“If it doesn’t look good, you can come and hit me!”
“I swear on my name, Chen Le!”
The group had been quiet at first, but after Chen Le sent out several lines of messages, it finally became lively again.
/“Brother Chen?”
“what’s going on?”
“Has your account been hacked?”
“It’s not like Brother Chen’s speaking style.”
“Brother Chen is usually very cold, isn’t he?”
“Chu Kuang?”
“The Qinzhou writer we just discussed?”
“Has Brother Chen read his science fiction?”
Everyone almost thought that Chen Le’s account had been hacked.
Because Chen Le is considered a great science fiction writer in this group.
A big boss of this level seldom speaks in public, and every time he speaks, he is very cold and concise. How could he send so many messages in one breath?
Fortunately, Chen Le emphasized:
“My account was hacked just to promote books to you?”
Many people gave up their doubts.
Many people said: “Go and see it now!”
Chen Le suddenly felt satisfied, but his eyes were still red.
Now he is waiting for these people to come back and cry with him in the storm!
And on the blog.
Chu Kuang’s readers have finally finished reading “The Heartbreaker” one after another.
The comment section exploded!
Everyone is Chen Le, and everyone is sad. This is a work that no one can accept after watching it!
“I fainted from crying and want it!”
“I’ve used up all the tissue paper!”
/“My mother asked me what was going on, and I didn’t even know how to explain it. It wasn’t because I was broken up in love this time!”
“This old thief tricked me into crying again!”
“This is why I have repeatedly reminded everyone to hold down the old thief’s pen!”