, I will find someone to play Werewolf!

at the same time!
As Xianyu admitted that this was a game he designed himself, other viewers were also shocked!
“Good guy!”
“No wonder I haven’t heard of it!”
“This is actually a new game designed by Xianyu!”
“This design is amazing!”
“I have a hunch that this game is going to be popular!”
“The start of this variety show is really awesome. Xianyu has designed a new game!?”
“Damn it, it’s so powerful!”
“I almost forgot that Xianyu is a game designer!”
“The previous “Plants vs. Zombies” and Chicken Dinner were all his creations!”
Lin Yuan’s home.
My sister looked at Lin Yuan who was watching TV together:
“You actually designed this game?”
“It’s fun to watch!”
My sister said, “We’ll play later.”
Mom smiled and said, “We don’t have enough family.”
Antarctica: “Woof!”
Lin Yuan shook his head and touched the Antarctic: “It’s not enough even if you are included.”
The family members all looked at Lin Yuan with caring eyes.
the other side.
Variety shows in various continents.
Countless professionals were stunned!
I’ll throw you away Rem!
Are you not an outdoor variety show?
Why the hell did it happen that Fish Dynasty was playing card games in the hotel?
For those who didn’t know, I thought you were going to play Landlords live broadcast!
What the hell kind of hardcore start is this!
Everyone can see it.
This game is awesome!
Very cool!
/Even if the variety show has not officially started yet.
This game with a very interesting design concept has already made the audience enjoy watching it!
This is a big attraction.
This is a highlight that cannot be replicated by other variety shows!
Because it is impossible for other variety shows to introduce you to a simple and interesting new game!
The show has just started!
The freshness is instantly felt!
In tribes, blogs and major forums, netizens from all over the world are watching and discussing:
“There’s something at the beginning!”
“The main thing is that this game is very interesting!”
“They just keep playing the game. I doubt I could watch an entire issue with gusto!”
“You won’t watch the game if you don’t want to play it later?”
“You still have to watch it later. Just because of the game Xianyu designed at the beginning, the topic of this program is already there!”
“Fish daddy show!”
“Didn’t someone say before that the quality of this program depends entirely on the performance of the guests? How about the performance of Fish Daddy?”
“This game is amazing!”
People from some game companies also watched the show out of curiosity, but as soon as Werewolf came out, many people were frightened!
“I’ll wipe it!”
“Lao Lin, do you have a TV or a mobile phone next to you? Watch Penguin Video’s “Fish You Walk With”!”
“What’s that?”
“variety show.”
“What’s good about variety shows?”
“Xianyu? Then let me see!”
“Look, just look at the game at the beginning. If it doesn’t go as I expected, this game will definitely be a hit!”
There is no shortage of knowledgeable peop