‘s task card with her backhand: “Look at her job, she doesn’t work in a coffee shop at all, but works as a sanitation worker on the street!”

The strange thing is that no one laughed this time.
An ominous premonition suddenly arose in everyone’s hearts.
Sun Yaohuo quickly looked at the task card exchanged with Chen Zhiyu, and then gritted his teeth and said: “Chen Zhiyu, you clearly deliver express, but you lied to me and said you worked in a bookstore?”
“Don’t you get the advantage and still act nice!”
Chen Zhiyu also looked at the task card handed over by Sun Yaohuo. He was even angrier than Sun Yaohuo, and his eyes turned red: “Sir, you clearly want to be a worker, cleaning windows at high altitudes!”
Sun Yaohuo felt guilty: “Soldiers never tire of deceit.”
“Are you as miserable as me!?”
Xia Fan suddenly stared at Lin Yuan fiercely: “Lin Yuan is not the network administrator of an Internet cafe at all. He is a chef in a hotel, mainly responsible for washing vegetables and dishes. Now I am a chef in a hotel, and he goes to a kindergarten to take care of the children. !”
Everyone looked at Lin Yuan with wide eyes.
I never thought you were such a Xianyu teacher?
Lin Yuan felt a rare feeling of guilt: “How about changing it back?”
What a vicious program team!
Everyone just wanted to cry without tears.
There is nothing easy here!
In comparison, Wei Haoyun’s job of handing out flyers on the streets is already a very comfortable one!
Wei Haoyun looked at everyone with a blank expression.
She felt like everyone had just played Werewolf again.
Except for myself and Xia Fan, everyone else is a wolf with a sword that never blinks and its hands are full of blood!
“Sister Lucky, I accept it!”
Everyone couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Wei Yuanyun.
Because she told the truth and was not tempting, no one was willing to exchange task cards with Wei Yuanyun.
A strange combination of circumstances.
Everyone has fallen into the pit!
Perhaps Lin Yuan’s luck was not bad. He successfully deceived Xia Fan and changed from a hotel cook to a kindergarten teacher.
No matter how you think about it, being a teacher is easier, right?
/Next to me, the director Zhu Lei had already bent over with laughter!
She and director Tong Shuwen watched everyone’s performance from a God’s perspective, but they ended up witnessing a real-life bloody werewolf killing inside the Fish Dynasty. This group of people were really ruthless in trying to trick each other!
To know.
The show is unscripted!
Everyone’s performance is completely real!
Tong Shuwen was even more excited. This group of people were so good at having fun, and the show was full of fans as soon as the effect started!
It turns out that this is the true appearance of the Fish Dynasty!
“Does Teacher Xianyu have any experience in raising children?”
“Then are you confident you can do this job?”
“no problem.”
Lin Yuan’s confidence is pretty good.
How difficult can it be to take care of children?
At this time, Yu