s as Lin Xiuying, so of course they were in the same group. But that’s not what Ouyang Mu meant.

s as Lin Xiuying, so of course they were in the same group. But that’s not what Ouyang Mu meant.
There must be something weird!
“Don’t listen.” Lin Xiuying was about to cry.
/Ouyang Mu smiled and said: “I know you usually don’t like to get involved in messy disputes and only do your own things well. But now, if you are on the wrong team, it will be a very troublesome thing.”
/Murong Yan became more and more confused as she listened . Something is wrong, “Ouyang Mu, people in the light don’t tell secrets. You either make things clear or let Lin Xiuying go!” Ouyang Mu said: “Want to know? Why don’t you come with me to meet someone?” Murong Yan asked: “Who? “Ouyang Mu said: “Yin Kuang!”
Murong Yan was convinced. But he was not convinced by Ouyang Mu, but by Yin Kuang’s strength. Since Ouyang Mu wants to find Yin Kuang, he should accompany her. Murong Yan didn’t think that with Ouyang Mu’s ability, he could make a big splash in front of Yin Kuang. Moreover, she was also deeply curious about the strange behaviors of Ouyang Mu and Lin Xiuying.
As a result, Ouyang Mu took Lin Xiuying hostage and quietly left the Wudang Sect with Ouyang Mu. At this time, rest and work. The Wudang Clan has now gathered a large number of heroes from all walks of life. Several people quietly left the Wu-Tang Clan without attracting any attention.
In the sea of ??grass, Yin Kuang, who was sleeping, was awakened by the vibration of the communication compass. I thought it was Tang Rouyu or Qian Qianqian, but I didn’t expect it was Murong Yan. Yin Kuang rubbed his eyes and said unhappily: “Is something wrong?” Murong Yan said: “Yin Kuang, I’m sorry to disturb your rest so late. I really have something I have to tell you.” Yin Kuang said lightly “Yes” He groaned and waited for the next step.
Seeing that Yin Kuang did not cut off the contact irritably, Murong Yan breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Ouyang Mu from class 1238 wants to see you. In addition, she held Lin Xiuyun in the class hostage.” ”
What with what?” Yin Kuang frowned. If you get up, you will cut off the communication if you are very impatient. what the hell? Ouyang Mu from Class 1238 held Lin Xiuying hostage, and then Murong Yan told herself that Ouyang Mu wanted to see him. It’s all a mess. Yin Kuang said: “If it is not a very important matter, Rouyu can handle it.” As soon as Yin Kuang finished speaking, the holographic shadow on the compass flashed and turned into Ouyang Mu. Ouyang Mu said: “Let’s talk face to face. ? I guarantee that your trip will be worthwhile.” Yin Kuang thought for a moment and then said: “Send me the coordinates of the meeting place.” Although he didn’t want to go, but seeing that Ouyang Musha seemed to be interested, he might as well go and have a look.
After confirming the meeting place, Yin Kuang left an alarm device in the camp and left quietly.
Half an hour later, Yin Kuang arrived at the meeting place, which was a ruined temple on the outskirts of a small town at the foot of Wudang Mountain. When Yin Kuang entered the ruin