g the stars.

You must know that in this heaven, the stars are not the private property of Xingjun. Wei Xiaobei’s behavior is almost like stealing. Once discovered, he will be dismissed from his post and investigated, and at worst, he will be sent to the Immortal Killing Platform!
But what Wei Xiaobei was worried about didn’t happen. Taibai Jinxing smiled softly and declined Wei Xiaobei’s invitation.
What a joke, who doesn’t know that Lord Pleiades’ official residence has been in ruins for hundreds of years.
If you go in by yourself, you will not only make yourself unhappy, but also slap the Pleiades Lord in the face. Taibai Jinxing will not do such an offending thing easily.
“There’s no need to drink tea. I want to come to the Pleiades as a new official. I haven’t met any other colleagues yet, right?”
Taibai Jinxing asked with a smile, Wei Xiaobei nodded.
Later, Taibai Jinxing expressed his willingness to take Wei Xiaobei to visit his colleagues.
The colleagues referred to here are not other righteous gods in heaven, but other star kings.
Hearing what Taibai Jinxing said, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes couldn’t help but light up.
Go visit other star kings?
“This is a very good thing. I asked Mr. Taibai Xing to recommend it on my behalf.”
Wei Xiaobei knew that at this time, he needed to give a generous gift, so he immediately stuffed a small storage bag into the Taibai Jinxing.
After Taibai Jinxing pretended to decline several times, he had to accept it. He also said that Lord Pleiades was too polite. We are all colleagues, so why should we be like this?
/But in fact, the moment he passed the hand, Taibai Jinxing put his heart into the small storage bag.
In an instant, Taibai Jinxing almost screamed.
Wei Xiaobei’s gift was indeed a bit generous.
The small storage bag contains nine dragon beads, as well as other ocean treasures, such as dragon blood coral, dragon riding whip, spiritual fish, etc.
To say that the Dragon Ball is a real dragon, not to mention Taibaijinxing, even the higher-level Sun Emperor does not have such a thing.
After all, a dragon ball means catching a real dragon. Who would mess with the Dragon King of the Four Seas?
But now, with the real dragons being wiped out by Wei Xiaobei, this dragon ball is even more precious.
Taibai Jinxing’s heart felt hot at this moment, and she became even more enthusiastic towards Wei Xiaobei.
/After instructing the two heavenly soldiers to take good care of the official residence, Wei Xiaobei followed the Taibai Jinxing to visit various Xingjun official residences.
It should be said that those star kings were initially repelled by Wei Xiaobei’s arrival.
Just think about it. We have been colleagues and friends for hundreds of years. If a new person suddenly comes, everyone will naturally reject him.
However, after Wei Xiaobei killed the Dragon King of the Four Seas, his pockets were extremely rich. Every time he followed Taibai Jinxing to visit a star king, Wei Xiaobei would give him a generous gift.
Of course, these generous gifts are not as genero