enly, you have to know that he has not completed the mission of [Real and Fake Mamba] yet!

enly, you have to know that he has not completed the mission of [Real and Fake Mamba] yet!
Aggressive (Bronze): Slightly increases the physical consumption of the opposing player when fighting against the host.
Seeing the introduction of this badge, Sun Hao felt a little excited.
His current defensive ability is not strong enough, but if you can’t guard me, I can kill you!
The badge of “Combatant” really couldn’t have come at a better time!
As for why you came? It was probably the result of him and Kobe playing ten consecutive games just now.
A normal person wouldn’t want to fight after losing ten rounds in a row.
This badge was unexpected, but also reasonable.
Sun Hao and Su Qun left the training hall, while Kobe stayed to continue training.
As soon as he left the training hall, Paul Fu seemed to remember something. After asking Sun Hao and the others to leave first, he ran back to chat with Kobe.
Arriving at the entrance of the arena, Sun Hao and Zhang Weiping said goodbye.
The latter won’t go to Utah with him; he has his own job in Los Angeles.
Before leaving, Su Qun asked Zhang Weiping for Zhang NBA’s overseas press pass.
After Zhang Weiping left, Paul Fu also ran out.
“What did you just do?”
/Su Qun asked curiously.
“I told Kobe about the beach court. Misunderstandings easily arise between people. If Sun later goes to the Lakers, the sooner this misunderstanding is resolved, the better.”
Sun Hao nodded after listening.
Rich Paul is really strong in interpersonal relationships and is also very sensitive.
It’s no wonder that he, a junior high school graduate, became James’ agent in history and helped create a huge business empire.
A great person doesn’t have a lot of skills.
“By the way, how did you meet Kupchak before?”
Sun Hao couldn’t help but asked curiously on the plane to Utah.
But it’s very curious how people who don’t know each other can chat together.
“I don’t know him.”
“I don’t need to know him. I just need to make him interested in me.”
“How did you do that?”
Su Qun was also attracted.
“It’s very simple. I said I am Quint Richardson’s agent.”
When Paul Fu said this, he glanced at Sun Hao.
“What do you mean?”
Su Qun didn’t respond.
Sun Hao understood it immediately.
Quint Richardson, nicknamed “Big Q”, is also a ruthless person in the NCAA. He is only stronger than Reed and House that Sun Hao has encountered before.
And compared to them, Richardson is both offensive and defensive, with no obvious shortcomings. He is the favorite swingman of this era.
His draft prediction is between the 15th and 20th picks.
/Because it is a small draft year, this prediction is basically accurate.
Why would an agent who predicted the 20th pick in the draft come to the Lakers?
Sun Hao doesn’t know about this issue, and probably Kupchak doesn’t know either.
Then we can chat.
Curiosity is a key factor that drives humans to do things.
It has to be said that Rich Paul is really an elite member of mixed society, and he has a good grasp of people’s p