into the lava river, covering themselves with the churning magma, vomiting, and looking extremely comfortable.

In Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, the most critical thing here is that the smallest of these giant snakes only have one head and one tail, which is not much different from other snakes, but after more than 20 meters, these giant snakes become different. .
The larger they are, the more heads and tails they have.
And the giant snake that is over 100 meters tall has five heads and five tails!
Are these giant snakes the descendants of Yamata no Orochi?
Indeed, anyone would have this idea.
This is an obvious thing.
As these giant snakes grow in size, they will grow new heads and tails.
It has to be said that this is a paradise for giant snakes.
There were over 10,000 giant snakes, and they looked really scary when they were churning in the lava and river water.
These are not little loaches playing in the mud, but huge giant snakes!
Facing so many giant snakes, Wei Xiaobei did not act rashly.
He hid himself behind a boulder by the river and continued to observe these giant snakes.
/What makes Wei Xiaobei a little confused is, is the Yamata no Orochi still here?
This was also a helpless matter. The power of over 10,000 giant snakes gathered together was quite frightening, and it was difficult for Wei Xiaobei to distinguish the auras of these giant snakes.
Time passed little by little, Wei Xiaobei hid behind the boulder, his body motionless, worried that these giant snakes would be disturbed. Wei Xiaobei did not even release the omniscience, and only relied on the induction of the breath of these giant snakes. A little bit of speculation about the strength of these giant snakes.
To put it simply, the smallest giant snake has a biological level of about two-star terror. Of course, compared to other ghosts, this giant snake is more powerful.
The largest five-headed giant snake should have a biological level of four-star ordinary. Similarly, this five-headed giant snake is much stronger than other four-star ordinary ghosts.
The rest of the giant snakes are between three-star ordinary and three-star horror.
Suddenly, the giant snakes that were writhing in the river and lava stopped moving, and they all fell towards the volcano, as if they were worshiping something.
And at this moment, the huge volcano erupted!
Countless amounts of magma poured out in waves along the crater.
Not long after, a huge snake head emerged from the crater, no! Not just a snake head.
About five or six minutes later, eighteen huge snake heads emerged from the crater, like a circle of huge erected stone pillars!
This is? ! !
Yamata no Orochi? ! !
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei finally understood that the real Yamata no Orochi didn’t have eight heads! But nine heads!
The Yamata-no-Orochi that appears in Japan’s reality is also a Yamata-no-Orochi, but it is a Yamata-no-Orochi that has not yet fully grown! There are only eight heads!
The truly fully grown Yamata no Orochi should be the giant snake with nine heads that appeared in front o