ipped off the soldiers, which allowed the indigenous magic soldiers to learn about the military operations of the Java Kingdom in advance, which led to the death of the two divisions. The division was surrounded by groups of indigenous divine soldiers, and finally the entire army was destroyed.

The man behind this rumor is directed at His Excellency the Vice President of the interim government of Java.
Well, to be clear, the relationship between the interim president and the interim vice-president of Javaland is not that close.
To put it simply, after the former President and Vice President of Java were killed in action, the original Minister of Foreign Affairs assumed the position of interim president, while the position of Vice President was held by the former Chief of Staff.
It is said that the former Chief of Staff and Vice President is very dissatisfied with his current status and has tried to remove the interim president many times. He is also the top government official in Java who is closest to the United States!
Compared with the previous delays in everything, the interim government showed rare efficiency this time. It dispatched an investigation team the next day. After two days of investigation, the truth was revealed and it was announced that the interim Vice President was the one who The traitor colluded with the native gods and was shot to death in three hours!
Of course, no one knows what’s going on here. The common people don’t care about this now. What they care about is when they can repel those indigenous magic soldiers and take back their hometown.
Well, as the interim Vice President was shot and killed for treason, naturally there was an endless stream of curses.
Of course, neither Wei Xiaobei nor the Chinese fleet said anything about the issues involved. Everything was done by the ministers of the Java Provisional Government and had nothing to do with China.
Of course, this should also be regarded as the vote of the interim president and ministers.
/When it comes to things like this, when the interim vice president holds military power, no one feels rash.
Once the matter is leaked, they will face retaliation from the army.
No matter who you are, just thinking about this will make you feel a layer of cold sweat breaking out on your back.
But things are different now.
As the last two elite divisions of the Java Kingdom were consumed by the indigenous magic soldiers, the army under the interim vice president was suddenly reduced to one battalion, which was still the guard of his official residence!
Under such circumstances, more than 300 troops are no longer enough to protect their status and life safety.
/Therefore, the interim vice president immediately became a traitor who colluded with the indigenous magic soldiers!
Both Wei Xiaobei and the Commander of the Chinese Fleet are very satisfied with this certificate.
In this way, the ministers of the interim government and the interim president have eliminated the possibility of reconciliation with the United States.
Of course, it i