l into the Aoki Blessed Land and suppress it, it will not be that easy.

With such a powerful existence, if you are not careful, it may cause the entire situation to collapse!
But if it can be suppressed, then Wei Xiaobei will be able to obtain a steady stream of ink from now on!
Just this benefit made Wei Xiaobei’s heart flutter.
/However, after a moment of hesitation, Wei Xiaobei chose to lurk aside and did not act impulsively because of the benefits.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t take action. Within five seconds, the huge body of the giant dish fairy began to rotate rapidly on the spot. A circle of rich curse power instantly filled the surrounding area as it rotated.
There is no doubt that this giant dish fairy did this to prevent himself from being attacked by others.
It has to be said that Wei Xiaobei’s caution played its due role.
If Wei Xiaobei had rushed over at that time, the only outcome would have been to be hit by the strong curse power.
Under such circumstances, Wei Xiaobei’s Qi Si Yu Nu waist badge might not be of much use.
Then I thought about it, if Wei Xiaobei was hit by the power of the curse, the end would probably be tragic.
The giant dish fairy accelerated its recovery without being disturbed, and the green light on its body flashed like a malfunctioning traffic light.
Finally, the cracks on the giant dish immortal were almost invisible to the naked eye. At this moment, the giant dish immortal rushed into the sky in an instant, and then turned and rushed towards the people of Long Bo.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but sigh.
/Obviously, Wei Xiaobei’s trip was in vain this time, and he had to get up and head towards Long Bo’s people again.
But when Wei Xiaobei arrived at the end of the field, he was extremely surprised to find that Long Bo’s people were missing, and the giant Pen Fairy and Die Fairy were also missing.
This made Wei Xiaobei really puzzled.
The two sides had been fighting fiercely before, so why did they all disappear in such a short period of time?
For this reason, Wei Xiaobei rushed up to the sky and looked around.
Taking advantage of his height, Wei Xiaobei quickly found the Giant Pen Immortal, the Giant Dish Immortal and even the people of Long Bo.
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that when Wei Xiaobei saw these three people, he couldn’t help but feel a chill running down his back.
These three big guys are still fighting, and Long Bo’s people are still crushing the giant pen fairy, the dish fairy, the giant pen fairy, and the butterfly fairy is constantly being driven into the ground, forming huge pits.
The most critical issue here is that the place where these three big guys are fighting is getting closer and closer to the space passage of the small building!
Obviously, if you are not careful, the space passage will be discovered by these three big guys.
What will happen by then?
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know for sure, but if these three big guys entered reality through the space channel, it would be a catastrophe.
Another moment, the han