chi screamed one after another, each head was broken by the Sun God’s gun, and the brains inside were twisted into tofu, completely losing their function.

When Wei Xiaobei stopped, the Yamata no Orochi could no longer stay awake and fell to the ground. Only its tail was still beating around irregularly on its own, causing the ground to shake violently. A big hole appeared immediately.
/At this time, the young snakes hiding near the huge volcano saw the Yamata no Orochi falling and began to flee one after another.
However, Wei Xiaobei had no intention of paying attention to the baby snakes at this time. Instead, he stuck the Sun Spear beside him and sat down cross-legged.
To be honest, it looked like Wei Xiaobei had won the battle easily and comfortably, but in fact, Wei Xiaobei still consumed a lot of energy while continuously shooting arrows and engaging in close combat.
No matter how the Yamata no Orochi’s combat power is weakened, it is still the foundation for a four-star disaster.
It can be said that if Wei Xiaobei is accidentally bitten by the opponent, it is inevitable that he will suffer serious injuries.
Therefore, Wei Xiaobei needed to be highly nervous and alert at all times to prevent himself from being bitten by the Yamata snake.
Now that the battle is over, Wei Xiaobei is somewhat out of breath.
After taking a short rest and eating some food, Wei Xiaobei regained some strength, and then asked the remaining ordinary people to move the giant snakes over, while he closed his eyes and began to sense the Aoki Blessed Land.
After the experience at the Weijia Island Plantation, it didn’t take long for Wei Xiaobei to find the Aoki Blessed Land this time.
As the spatial coordinates were generated, Wei Xiaobei immediately reached out to grab the Sun God Spear and fired it into the air in front of him.
As soon as the gun was drawn, a black space crack appeared in the air. Wei Xiaobei stretched out his hands, and the sun gun immediately turned into gloves, and a layer of real mercury mixed with thunder and lightning covered the gloves. , and then his hands were fiercely inserted into this space crack.
As soon as his hands covered with lightning mercury were inserted into the space crack, a burst of electric sparks burst out.
This is the natural cutting of matter by space cracks. It can be said that if Wei Xiaobei’s hands were not wearing sun fist gloves and covered by lightning real mercury, they would have been completely useless at this time.
The space crack was not something Wei Xiaobei’s body could withstand.
Just like that, Wei Xiaobei felt as if a hole had been broken in his body, and the lightning mercury quickly leaked out like a flood.
Wei Xiaobei did not dare to hesitate. He knew that once the lightning true mercury in his body was exhausted, he would have failed this time.
Explosion of power!
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei’s strength attributes doubled, and in the blink of an eye, the space crack was slowly opened.
/After this space crack, the scenery somewhere in the Aoki Blessed Land imme