here was a roar on the ground and cracks exploded. Fiery red vines sprang out from the ground. Countless needles were inserted directly into the body of the salamander and then rolled up in circles. Dragged underground.

In an instant, the surroundings returned to calm, as if nothing had happened.
The three of them looked at each other, now feeling that this place was really not a place for normal people.
/Fan Hong’s shock was justified. With their level, how could they receive such a perverted mission?
/But I was really lucky. The salamander appeared on the road and killed several unknown plants blocking the road.
The sea of ????fire is right in front of you. The huge flame pool is extremely spectacular, and it looks particularly quiet. On one side of the flame pool, there are constant flashes of light, which should be the Thousand Tempered Fire Spirit Stones.
Li Tianyi was about to take action, but Mingren grabbed him.
Wang Meng also waved his hand and pointed forward. The three of them waited with bated breath and finally discovered something was wrong.
Near the sea of ??fire, what looked like stones turned out to be salamanders and some unknown strange beasts.
It was so densely packed that the three of them had goosebumps all over their bodies. It was at least tens of thousands in size.
There is no fucking manpower to deal with this. Thousand Tempered Fire Spirit Stones are not a rare thing in the Fire God’s Small Thousand Realm. You can just pick them up, but you need to risk your life to pick them up.
“We are invincible. The three of us will act separately and try our luck. No matter whether we succeed or not, we will meet at the teleportation array in half an hour.”
Wang Meng said, the sea of ????fire is so big, even though there are many strange beasts, there are always gaps to get through.
Li Tianyi and Mingren nodded.
Wang Meng quietly observed the surrounding terrain. These thousand tempered spirit stones were obviously treasures born by absorbing the essence of the sea of ????fire, so they were basically near the sea of ????fire. I thought there must be more in this sea of ????fire, but it was a pity that the high temperature there was not a cultivator at all. Can resist.
Wang Meng observed for a while, but found that these violent beasts refused to move as if they were taking a nap, but if there was an intruder, they might be torn apart in an instant.
The mind gradually spread out, and slowly came into contact with piles of sleeping alien beasts. These alien beasts were immersed in a very peaceful state, but they were not very deep in the water. It is conceivable that if there is any abnormal movement, they will immediately There was an earth-shattering explosion.
Don’t try to attack in vain.
The sensitivity of these strange beasts is quite high, and it is impossible to approach them secretly. It really stumped Wang Meng, and I think the same was true for Ming Ren and Li Tianyi.
Wang Meng’s mind continued to explore, and several strange beasts opened their eyes, seeming to sense that some