.” After

.” After
saying that, Zhuge Lian shook the hem of his Hanfu and sat down again.
Yin Kuang would never have imagined that Zhuge Lian could straighten out a mess with just one sentence.
/Tang Rouyu and others left the cave where they had stayed for the night, freshened up in the stream not far away, and ate some high-energy fast food for breakfast. After a night of rest, everyone was full of energy. Prepare to face the unknown fate of the new day.
No one knows what will happen today.
Just when Tang Rouyu squeezed out a tube of toothpaste-like instant food, a figure jumped out of the ground. It was Sun Tu from Class 1238. Sun Tu said to Tang Rouyu: “Sister Tang, Jason and Lu Yan have already met Silent Monk. But for some reason, Jin Yanzi did not show up.” Sun Tu temporarily followed Class 1239 as a liaison with Class 1238 , and also temporarily acted as a scout for Class 1239.
Tang Rouyu nodded and said: “Yes. We are about to set off.” Tang Rouyu did not intend to say anything about Jin Yanzi.
Sun Tu continued: “Boss, there is one more thing that I want to talk to Sister Tang. Please make up your mind.” Tang Rou said “Oh” and said: “Tell me, what is it? If it does not harm our interests, , everything must be discussed.” Sun Tudao: “That’s it, that’s it! This is what happened.” ”
/Wait a minute,” Tang Rouyu suddenly interrupted Sun Tu and said calmly, “I suddenly remembered something. You Let’s wait for a while.” After saying that, he asked everyone to wait a moment, called Qian Qianqian and returned to the cave.
Everyone looked at it in confusion.
Lin Xiuying, who used to have a close friendship with Tang Rou, but now has only a classmate friendship, touched Murong Yan on the side and whispered: “Tell me, are Sister Tang and Qian Qianqian the same?” Her expression was a little strange. , the “that” in the words must mean something. Murong Yan, who was eating Shuanghui ham quietly, said, “You mean lace? I didn’t know. It has nothing to do with me.” Lin Xiuying clicked her tongue, feeling very bored.
Lin Xiuying did not lower her voice deliberately, so Shen Kou who was not far away heard it. Shen Kou said dissatisfied, “Xiuying, can you please stop secretly arranging Sister Tang?” Lin Xiuying said, “I’m just talking. Isn’t it okay to chat?” After saying that, he kicked the pebbles by the river. There was nothing special about it. His expression was just that he was mumbling something.
Wei Ming also heard it and said: “It’s nothing. Men love women. Not to mention lace, I know several gay couples.” Lin Xiuying said: “That’s right. There is no shortage of everyone in colleges and universities. Tell me what you have. No big deal.” Shen Kou looked at Wei Ming with some dissatisfaction. Wei Ming didn’t care, and added: “But this is a private matter. Outsiders, please don’t gossip. Everyone has personal freedom.”
Lin Xiuying was bored, “Okay, fine, I’m sorry. I’ll keep it to myself.” Okay.” After saying that, he took out a chicken leg and gnawed on it.
After a small interlude, Tang Rouyu and Qian Qianq