o confirm this immeasurable existence. In the hazy mist and haze, there is only a vague outline of a giant, accompanied by the swallowing of the thick thunder, accompanied by the rhythm of thunder and ripples themselves, that The outline of the behemoth becomes increasingly unclear, only the ups and downs of the rhythm itself can be seen.

It’s just that for a few occasional flashes, it seems that in the continuous and majestic thunder, some people seem to be slightly mute and have inexplicable meanings that seem to be pain, happiness, or something. A sniffling sound that sounded like a pure whimper.
/But all changes have a phase.
It was difficult to distinguish between day and night in the quiet stone room. The only thing that could be seen was the thunderous thunder that was constantly being swallowed up. When he looked again, the thunder pool, which was originally as clear as clear water, became more and more viscous when he looked carefully. .
It seemed that with the reduction of the thunder energy contained in it, the water itself showed a side with vitality and weight. Then, the clarity itself began to change, and every trace of it could not be said to be filthy. The turbidity began to fade.
/As a result, the originally clear pool water began to become turbid and sticky, and was gradually re-contaminated with a silver-gray background. Gradually, the silver-gray color became more and more intense. Finally, when the layers of ripples When the water gradually faded away, when I looked back at the same spot, there was no clear water anywhere. All I could see was Taiyin thunder slurry mixed with precious medicinal elixirs.
Everything goes back to its source.
It seems that along with this kind of return to the origin, it means that in a certain long process of practicing the three elements, the natural power of the great medicines of heaven and earth and the supreme essence dispersed in it have also been exhausted. All absorbed.
When he looked again, in the thinning mist of water vapor, he could see that the outline of the giant creature gradually revealed the outlines of the two people’s bodies that no longer overlapped.
Then, it was like a re-enactment of the scene in the Purple Golden Toad Palace, except this time it was no longer a jade sculpture, but Yun Han’s real figure, half swimming and half walking in the lunar thunder fluid. In the end, she looked lazy He leaned heavily on the edge of the wall of the Lei Pond, and even stretched out his arms, which were as good as the jade sculptures, resting naturally on the edge.
As the thunder energy full of supreme essence diminishes, the appearance of the thunder pool that returns to the level of treasure elixirs appears. This change in the environment seems to be teaching Yun Han to emerge from the dreamlike and intoxicating state. When Diandian woke up, half of her eyes became clear, while the other half still remained hazy with mist.
Similarly, after breaking free from a certain long-term dilemma, the rosy color on Yunhan’s cheeks faded little by little. Th