henomenon in Aoki Paradise, the lifespan of various electronic products brought from reality has been greatly reduced, which also forces humans to spend more time away from computers.

Of course, everyone can bring in new computers from reality, but this also requires money.
This forces everyone to move their entertainment life from the Internet to reality.
Therefore, the humans in the Aoki Blessed Land created new festivals one after another for public carnival entertainment and to kill the energy of everyone’s free time.
The Harvest Festival, which happens three times a year, is one of the more important festivals, as are the city founding festivals in places where humans gather, etc.
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that this human gathering place is no longer a small village, but has become a large-scale city called Aoki City!
Of course, in addition, there are some less important festivals.
For example, the Mining Festival is temporarily decided when a certain large-scale mine is officially put into operation, the Fishing Festival is held after the fleet goes to sea and reaps a bumper harvest, etc.
/Of course, the most solemn and joyful thing is the harvest festival.
After all, food is the most important thing for the people, and the Harvest Festival held three times a year means that humans have completely taken root in the Qingmu Paradise and are self-sufficient. Even if access to the outside world is cut off, humans can continue to survive here.
At this time, the entire Aoki City is filled with colorful flags and lanterns. People wear colorful costumes, push wooden carts decorated with various crops, and sing and dance on the streets.
As the mayor of Aoki City, Tian Yuwen was standing on the balcony on the third floor of the mayor’s residence in the central square of the city and delivered a speech to the citizens. In it, he not only covered the various changes in Aoki City in the past three months, but also about the changes in Aoki City. future expectations and so on.
/Wei Xiaobei’s family stood behind Tian Yuwen, enjoying the attention of more than 100,000 citizens.
They have the qualification to stand here. Not to mention that Wei Xiaobei is the creator and controller of this world, which is enough to make the general public respect them.
However, Wei Xiaobei’s parents kept a very low profile on weekdays, but they solved many problems and troubles for the citizens.
After all, the scale of Aoki City is not small now. Even if Tian Yuwen has three heads and six arms, it is impossible to properly handle all problems.
In any case, the prestige of Wei Xiaobei’s family in Aoki City is so high that even Tian Yuwen can’t compare to it.
Just when Tian Yuwen finished his speech and more than 100,000 citizens in the square began to revel, they felt that the temperature was gradually rising.
Then some sharp-eyed people discovered that something strange was happening in the sky!
Next to the sun hanging high in the sky, a new sun suddenly appeared!
It is the emergence of this new sun that ca