, but this was the world!

The world of ink painting!
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei almost wanted to curse in public.
Wei Xiaobei didn’t know what the ink world looked like specifically, but Wei Xiaobei had seen its power.
/The terror of the power of ink can probably make all the beings I have seen tremble!
No one wants to become something like a painting.
What to do?
This time, even if Wei Xiaobei mobilized all his thoughts, it was difficult to come up with a countermeasure. Then he summoned the gods of the Aoki Blessed Land and convened a stooges meeting atop the canopy of the World Tree.
Three stooges are just like Zhuge Liang.
After listening to Wei Xiaobei’s introduction to the power of ink, all the gods present felt that the power of ink was really terrifying.
But then they heard that a world full of ink power was coming towards the Aoki Blessed Land, and all the gods felt bad for a moment.
How to deal with this thing?
No one knew that even Huang Kun, who always acted unconventionally, couldn’t think of a solution even after pulling out a few hairs.
/Just when the gods of the Aoki Blessed Land were helpless, a huge green bull came from the void and landed on the crown of the World Tree.
This is?
None of the gods in Aoki Blessed Land have ever seen the green bull, but the shape of the green bull is so unique that many gods have more or less guessed the green bull’s identity.
Seeing the arrival of Qing Niu, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel ecstatic and hurriedly stepped forward to greet him: “Disciple has met the master!”
To be honest, this meeting was probably the most pious one in Wei Xiaobei’s life.
No way, the Qingmu Blessed Land was in danger. The arrival of Qingniu was like handing a life-saving straw to Wei Xiaobei. How could he not make Wei Xiaobei excited and ecstatic.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei didn’t think about it for the time being, what if Qing Niu had nothing to do?
Seeing Wei Xiaobei step forward to greet him, all the gods in Qingmu Blessed Land realized that this was Wei Xiaobei’s master Qingniu!
Therefore, no god dared to neglect, and they all stepped forward and followed Wei Xiaobei to greet Qing Niu.
“Disciples are exempt from etiquette, and all of you are exempt from etiquette.”
Qingniu turned into an old man, wearing a green robe, and said with joy.
No way, Qing Niu has always been a teacher in his life, but in the heaven, although the gods respect Qing Niu for the sake of Lao Jun, in fact they all think that Qing Niu is just a substitute mount and an animal. Someone who will really take Qing Niu seriously.
In Wei Xiaobei’s place, Qingniu enjoyed the treatment of a master that was not available in heaven, and thousands of gods saluted him. This was something that had never happened in Qingniu’s life.
How to prevent the green cow from showing its joy.
“Master, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much. I will stay for a few more days this time.”
Wei Xiaobei was too embarrassed to come up and asked his master for help, thinking of leaving Qing Niu behind first