le to get into this hole. After all, the diameter of this hole is larger than the widest part of Wei Xiaobei’s size.

But this hole is no ordinary hole. To put it bluntly, it is an expanding space crack.
If one accidentally touches the edge of the hollow, the injury will be like a hot knife cutting through butter. It would not be strange to even have an arm cut off.
Therefore, when approaching the hole, Wei Xiaobei kept adjusting his body, and finally got in and disappeared into the air.
When Wei Xiaobei appeared again, he was already standing on another piece of land!
Before opening his eyes, Wei Xiaobei knew that he had succeeded as he felt an evil aura that was stronger than the previous land.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei didn’t have time to observe the surrounding situation, so he checked his own body first. Although with his strong agility attribute and state of martial arts, Wei Xiaobei did not doubt that he could pass through the space crack.
/But some things were hard to say. In such a dangerous place, Wei Xiaobei didn’t want to lose an arm or two.
Fortunately, only the floating corners of the clothes were cut off, and the rest of the body was intact.
This made Wei Xiaobei breathe a sigh of relief.
But when Wei Xiaobei looked around, he found that he seemed to be the target!
A group of more than two hundred lantern ghosts were floating towards him. They seemed to regard Wei Xiaobei as some weak creature.
Well, it should be said that these lantern ghosts are weaker than Shantong and move slowly.
Of course, their ability to float gives them the ability to attack enemies from a high position, and also makes them the natural enemies of many ghosts.
After all, most ghosts that can only move on the ground don’t have many useful tricks when faced with the slowly flying lantern ghosts and the falling flames. Most of them can only turn around and run for their lives.
Especially those spider women, even though their strength has reached three stars, they are completely useless in front of the lantern ghosts, especially their spider silk, once they encounter these flames, they can even spread to them, Burn them into fireballs easily.
/But in front of Wei Xiaobei, these lantern ghosts seemed too weak.
Wei Xiaobei just grabbed a handful of gravel and threw it out.
Those lantern ghosts dropped a large piece.
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei was not easy to deal with, these lantern ghosts began to turn around and run away.
But their speed became their Achilles’ heel.
After Wei Xiaobei killed all the lantern ghosts and put the corpses into the storage ring, he rushed up to the sky and surveyed the land.
This piece of land is twice as large as the previous piece of land, and the terrain has also undergone some changes. Not only are there lush grass, shrubs, and woods on the plains, but there are several more hills.
Compared to the plains, these hills are undoubtedly considered geomantic treasures, and a small castle was even built on them.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei didn’t waste any time and headed towards one of the small