t they don’t care about it. After getting familiar with the old horse, they especially like to pester the old horse. Wang Meng also knows where the old horse is. It’s really not small. The five little guys can vaguely feel it, especially after gaining divinity, they can feel more clearly that Lao Ma is extraordinary, but Lao Ma is now acting like him.

He was made like this by the law of the great road. I don’t know what force can oppress Lao Ma into such a miserable situation, but Lao Ma did not admit defeat.
Sakyo and Ukyo have integrated into this big family. The two sisters never dreamed of having such good luck, God’s blessing, an easy-going and not lewd master, a group of lovely true beasts, and a group of extremely talented people. An old horse with personality.
This wonderful combination was very harmonious. Zuo Jing and Ukyo became free housekeepers. However, the two sisters were even more grateful and confidently took care of the house, which saved Wang Meng a lot of trouble.
/It can be seen that these two sisters should have some backgrounds and have a foundation in spiritual practice. Most likely, it was due to family changes that they suffered like this.
/Wang Meng entered the world of mind and spirit. He already had a direction. The so-called absence of five elements is actually a state of chaos. This does not mean that he has the power of gods. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Because chaos can only be used by gods, it is completely useless to mortal monks. It’s a burden.
Even Mo Shan and Wang Tian, ??who possess demigod status, have exerted the power of the Five Elements to the extreme.
In Wang Zhenren’s view, the law of the Great Dao was simply shameless. The more he knew, the more difficult it became. The power of chaos must first be broken into the power of yin and yang reincarnation, and then it can become the power of the five elements.
This difficulty is huge. If someone is wise, it may be better, but it is a huge challenge for Wang Meng.
Wang Meng’s current attempt is to reverse.
How can the power of the five elements be reversed into the power of yin and yang, and the power of yin and yang can be reversed into the power of chaos? If he can find this method, there will be a solution for his power to become the power of the five elements. In this case, he will also break through a bottleneck.
The temptation is huge and the difficulties are ahead of us.
Wang Zhenren had no other choice. Being in the space of gods was an attempt. After returning, he still couldn’t relax. He couldn’t miss any experience and looked for opportunities.
There is no trace of this kind of understanding. What is needed is epiphany, that is, a flash of inspiration, which is most elusive.
Fortunately, Master Wang has honed his patience over the years. At the same time, he also has to study the process of exerting the power of the godhead and his own destiny seeds. This little guy is still stubborn and motionless.
Solving the fate problem is also a pressing issue for Mr. Wang. The twin fates are definitely agai