gresses would trigger a group attack from the family forces.

The Three Congresses can remain standing precisely because they do not participate in disputes and are in harmony with the family. But now the signs are that they are going to take action like a sect, and no one will sit idly by.
It’s just that none of the three conferences expected that it would affect Wang Meng.
Is this person that important?
Why do the royal family, the Fire Emperor, and the Meng family all stand up for him?
Feng Duo was not new to the world, but he just wanted to assess the situation. His mission was just to bring Han Chuxue back, and he did not necessarily offend everyone.
“Han Chuxue is not an ordinary disciple of the Soul Controlling Society. Everyone knows this. What’s more, the Holy Church has not been recognized at all. She is still a disciple of the Soul Controlling Society. There are national laws and regulations. If others interfere, they will be in conflict with the rules. The spirit master will be the enemy!”
Another one of the four great spiritual masters spoke, and the other three were very silent. But how could the four great spiritual masters be afraid of trouble? When had the Soul Controlling Association been suppressed before?
“I, Zang Ge, the world-destroying spiritual master, am dealing with the internal affairs of the Soul Controlling Association. Anyone who disobeys will be killed without mercy!”
At this time, Zang Ge took off his hood and revealed his true face. His face was as cold as ice. It was obvious that he didn’t care about these so-called relationships at all. They were all ants.
The most powerful cultivator who reigned supreme twenty years ago, wiped out countless strong men with a battle ax, and who would have thought that he was also under the banner of the Soul Controlling Association.
/These were all unruly and dominating beings at that time.
The Soul Controlling Association also became tougher, and both sides suddenly discovered that they were being forced into a blind corner without knowing it.
Ji Shuangtian coughed a few times and said, “Everyone, the one-month agreed time has not come yet. Maybe things will turn around. Wang Meng, you only need a master at the God Transformation Realm.”
The question was posed to Wang Meng again. Obviously the Ji family was not willing to cause conflict, so Wang Meng felt that the trouble was over. It’s time to play these four guys, just in time to see if Suoming has regressed.
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Suoming, see you off!”
“Yes, Sect Master!”
The double hammers appeared in Suoming’s hands, and the thunder god’s momentum surged with overwhelming force. The entire huge momentum was ready to go, forming a terrifying pressure.
“Temple Suoming is here. Do you want to go up one by one or together?”
Suo Ming’s single thump was directed at the four great spiritual masters of the Spirit Controlling Association.
Thor’s provocations were always simple and direct. This momentum swept directly towards the four people, obviously intending to fight