t David, what do you think we should do?” Emmanuel turned to look at David and asked.

“We are under investigation. Call the company’s legal department to come over. I will also notify my personal lawyer to come over!” David ordered nonchalantly.
As long as there is no evidence, this is Lenka, and no one dares to do anything to him.
When David was talking, Shadow Attendant was still on the eighteenth floor and saw two middle-aged men and four young people rushing into the office.
At this time, there were only a few bones left on the body of President Kitts. In a few minutes, even the bones would be destroyed by the poison.
This is a poison that can corrode even extraordinary bodies. As an ordinary person, how could President Kitts’s body be preserved?
The six soldiers on the side were also helpless. They and the security director could only watch as President Kitts’ body turned into black water little by little, but there was nothing they could do.
“Have you notified the police station?” one of the middle-aged people who came in asked the security director.
“The police have been called and the police are on their way!” the security director replied.
“Let them hurry up, or my father’s body will be gone if it’s too late!” the middle-aged man waved his hand.
Super large enterprises have a strict inheritance system. President Kitts is already quite old, so his successor has already been arranged.
It can be said that the most direct heirs of President Kitts are all here.
/The two middle-aged men did not feel much sadness, especially the middle-aged man who just spoke. As long as he is notarized by a lawyer, he can get the position of president and be in charge of this very large enterprise.
Compared with the acquisition of power and wealth, family ties are relatively weak.
Under the protection of two bodyguards, David sat on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest, but his attention was always on Shadow Warrior.
When he saw the two middle-aged men and four young people who came in, a coldness appeared on his face.
The Kerr Intelligence Organization has spent a lot of thought these days. The role of credit points is sometimes very scary. Among the six legal heirs, two legal heirs are on business trips. The Kerr Intelligence Organization has used hidden channels to Duodao changed hands and spent less than 20 million credit points to recruit the two legal heirs back to the headquarters.
David was also waiting for this moment. The ‘Sleeping Pattern’ in his soul fortress flew out, and the Shadow Attendant flew over again, pulling the ‘Sleeping Pattern’ through the two floors and flew into an armored man. In the soldier’s body.
This soldier Shadow Attendant has long noticed that he is a high-level soldier with a weak spirit. The most important thing is that he uses a heavy ax as a weapon. This is why David chose him.
The soldier’s body stagnated slightly. Although he was considered a good soldier, he was still far away from being a real elite soldier, so after the ‘Sleep Pattern’ flew in, he couldn’t even resist.