vious friendly relationship between Caddor College and the Erto Foundation, and have reached very important positions.

It is impossible for these elite students to give up years of hard work for Cadore College.
If the Ertuo Foundation wants to develop, it cannot bypass Kador Academy, the best academy talent pool in the star field.
Now that the Ertuo Fund has changed hands, Glenn Chaofan certainly wants to resolve the conflict between the two parties, but this still needs to be discussed with Principal Jonah, so a precise decision cannot be given.
“Excuse me, I owe you a favor for this!” David said with a smile.
“I will remember this favor!” Glenn Chaofan also laughed.
The conversation between David and Glenn Chaofan was very harmonious, and they quickly turned from the matter of the Erto Fund to the situation of the Guardian Star.
“Justin and Julius from the military have been making a lot of extraordinary moves recently. They seem to be looking for something. A large number of reconnaissance ships are scanning around the Guardian Star every day, especially in the area we are in. That’s it!” Glenn Chaofan was dissatisfied with the behavior of the two Chaofans in the military and said in a deep voice.
You must know that although the guardian planet is a war zone, it is a planet that the Ministry of Education snatched from the hands of the military. It is mainly used to obtain resources for cultivating talents in each star field.
When there was a threat, it didn’t matter for the two military extraordinary officers to do this, but now that there is no threat, the military’s actions affected the privacy of each academy base.
No one wants to have a scout ship appear overhead when they are hunting Zerg.
Especially since David discovered the new krypton crystal mine, each college has sent personnel to search for the new krypton crystal mine. They do not want others to see this work.
“No wonder when I go out to hunt Zerg these days, I encounter reconnaissance ships from time to time!” David also said suddenly.
“My military friends said that these two extraordinary beings, Justin and Julius, were a little unlucky. It seemed that they were left behind on the Guardian Star for some reason and became the military guardian extraordinary beings here. They seemed to want to find something quickly. We would like to leave the Guardian Star as soon as possible, but they just don’t tell us what we are looking for!” What annoys Glenn Chaofan the most is actually what exactly is this treasure that the military pays attention to, and the fact that the military pays so much attention to it shows its importance.
/Glenn’s extraordinary friends in the military, even if they are not high-ranking military officials, are at least at the extraordinary level.
David knew in his heart what the two extraordinary men, Justin and Julius, were looking for, but this kind of aimless search could not be found even if the two military extraordinary men were given a hundred years.
It can be said that Glenn Chaofan would comment on the two mili