n’t he fight through hell? This level of difficulty is just right for him.”

“Hell and hell difficulty are two different things.” Gujin invited the Demon Court True Sage to sit down and drink tea. He first calmed down his inner fire. He had a rare and good tea here, which was picked from a remote universe.
In the peach blossom forest, there are colorful fallen flowers, facing the lake, there are stone tables, stone piers, etc., new tea is brewing on the stove, the fragrance is lingering, and the special fragrance soon lingers over.
“Huh?” Mei Yukong was stunned for a moment, feeling a little familiar.
Then, he saw that in the tea, there were not tea leaves, but tea fruits one after another, colorful, only as big as a knuckle, crystal clear.
Demon Ting Zhensheng was startled, showing a look of reminiscence, and said: “The ancient tea tree fruit from my hometown, the rhizome of the mother plant died back then, and the three of us used various methods to re-cultivate it and graft it onto it. There are hundreds of them, and it seems that one of them will survive into this life.”
“The old man has his heart.” He nodded.
“Brother Mei, please.” The ancient and modern people raised their glasses. In the small crystal cup, the tea and fruit floated, flowing with the colors of sleep talk, and seemed to reflect the colorful colors of life.
“Good tea, full of the taste of memories.” While drinking tea, Demon Court True Sage traced back. As a supreme being, he could naturally see his past through a cup of tea.
However, after only going back a few years, he was blocked by a broken black wooden box on the way, making it difficult to continue. That was ancient and modern.
“Sorry.” Mei Yukong stopped. He knew very well that this involved the secret of the ancient board, and the other party did not want him to trace the source.
“It’s nothing. The main reason is that Brother Mei’s anger has not subsided and it is not appropriate to look at the past of this tea.” Gu Jin smiled.
/“That boy Wang Xuan brought here?” Demon Court True Saint has a clear mind.
Then, he stopped talking, closed his eyes, and experienced the fragrance of the tea from the mother universe. Of course, there were many things worth remembering about the past and his hometown.
He has left the 5th century and become the 4th century of the True Holy City. Almost all those people and things have been reduced to decaying cosmic dust.
Perhaps, only his enemy and his junior sister were still intact.
“Huh?” Suddenly, Mei Yukong was surprised and came back to his senses completely.
Because of the ancient tea tree in his hometown, he was confused and distracted. He didn’t pay attention to it earlier, but now, he calmed down a little and noticed it immediately.
There are actually more than 20 kinds of mythical factors in these tea fruits, of which at least 6 have never been seen before. They are unique in the world and permeate the tea fruits.
“I put a lot of care into cultivating this tea.” He nodded.
Gu Jin said: “If Brother Mei likes this tea, I will ask Wan