Then, the sky collapsed and the starry sky collapsed!
“Back then, in hell, you were afraid that something would happen to me, so you went to find me specifically to help me. Unexpectedly, you failed to hold on after all. When I came out of seclusion again, I only heard the bad news about you.”
Although these are inevitable things on the road to transcendence, Wang Xuan was still a little sad and silent for a long time.
“The new Saint Star Road is opened. If there are top strangers who have accumulated enough experience, they can try to break through. It can speed up the breakthrough. If they overcome the tribulation, the saints cannot stop it!”
When such news came out, it shocked the world of the Extraordinary Center.
The supreme being at the top of the extraordinary pyramid hopes to have more true saints. Is this opening the door to convenience?
All ethnic groups and major sects are discussing it heatedly.
After Wang Xuan learned about it, he had to sigh, times are changing dramatically, and something is really going to happen!
For some Jedi who were attached to the extraordinary center and migrated with it, some stone statues were cracking, and heavy fog rose in some areas.
There are extremely ancient organizations that are resurrecting. They are not pure living beings, some are more like stone psychics, and some are machines with will.
/“Those who are on the list should be sacrificed with blood, and those who should be destroyed should be destroyed.” A very terrifying voice echoed in some ancient places.
However, although some mechanical remains were making sounds, they themselves had long since decayed. As soon as they finished speaking, their heads fell off.
Recently, the supreme beings have sensed it, and the must-kill list has become more active. It has come out of hell and has appeared in many places.
In the highest spiritual world, Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun were exploring all the way. They were not rushing for the sake of traveling, but were studying various mysterious areas.
Along the way, they saw all kinds of strange things.
They are as powerful as they are, they have seen a lot, they have lived through many centuries, and they are all amazed by it. For example, they once discovered a spiritual flame left behind after the death of a supreme being.
Everything about this creature during its lifetime has been erased, leaving only a blank spiritual fire as white as paper, jumping there, still alive.
They once thought that this strong man was in spiritual nirvana, but in the end they found that the other party had lost the meaning of existence, and his memory and original imprint were gone.
They even saw a rotting corpse. The remaining Tao Yun was still very strong to this day, but it was indeed dead and the soul was eternally silent.
“It feels very ancient. He has been dead for at least ten centuries. He should be a top figure among the old saints.”
A few years later, on the way, they saw the invisible line of fate and cause and effect spreading from the endless deep space, like a fis