Only then did the trader with glasses react and said excitedly: “What you just said is not bad at all. You know what we are doing?” It’s like a plan, it’s amazing!”

Only then did the trader with glasses react and said excitedly: “What you just said is not bad at all. You know what we are doing?” It’s like a plan, it’s amazing!”
Zhu Zixuan also looked admiring, and in her heart, Wen Liang returned to the position of shining Lei Fang’s shoes. Unexpectedly, Zhou Wei said with disdain: “Isn’t it true that all the street stalls sell stock knowledge? In hindsight, it is all Zhuge Liang!”
/Wen Liang narrowed his eyes. The trader has extremely strict self-discipline. What exactly does this person have? What medicine was wrong?
The young man wearing glasses shook his head and said: “This is not a level that can be learned by reading books. Besides, I have never heard of some indicators, but after analysis, it turned out to be very different from the facts. It is definitely something that this gentleman kept secretly. An exclusive stunt. Zhou Tou, I am a straightforward person. Don’t be angry. They say you are the most powerful in the capital. Compared with this gentleman, I don’t think it is possible.” The
man with glasses is called Ai Yiyi. Although this name is deceiving, but He is definitely not a cheater. After graduating from a prestigious school, he joined the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He started as a trader wearing a red vest and slowly got into contact with everything related to stocks. After two years, he left the exchange and joined a private equity company to learn to be a trader. Fortunately, I have worked on several projects with several great masters and have made rapid progress, and I am now quite famous.
But this kind of fame cannot be compared with Zhou Wei at all. It is reasonable for him to be angry when he is so humiliated by a junior in front of everyone. However, the strange thing is that Zhou Wei just glared at Ai Yiyi with disdain. He turned to Wen Liang and said coldly: “How about a competition?”
Wen Liang smiled slightly, his eyes were so vicious, and just seeing Zhou Wei peeking at Ning Xi from time to time while talking, he naturally knew the cause of today’s unreasonable disaster.
She had known that Ning Xi was very charming, but she didn’t expect that she was already so charming that she could make the veteran trader, who was known as the calmest and most composed, lose his temper and not hesitate to violate the Eight Iron Rules of Traders to gain jealousy.
But facing such a person, Wen Liang was not even interested in talking!
“Who are you?”
“To put it nicely, you are a hired trader. To put it harshly, you are just a wage earner, or a temporary worker with no guarantee. How can you have the courage to say this? What are you talking about? Where’s your face? Where’s your skin?”
“Oh, just in case your IQ doesn’t understand,” Zhu Zixuan explained slowly: “Together, I’m asking you, where’s your skin?”
After Zhou Wei became famous in the industry, He has never been trained like a dog in person. No matter who asks him, he will respectfully call him “Teacher Zhou”. After all, if he moves his hand, he will have tens of thousands of money. N