er his body, standing upright like steel needles. There are two fangs protruding from his mouth, and he looks very fierce.

“You killed so many of us, yet you didn’t escape and still dared to show up. It’s a crime to let you live. The demon clan won’t tolerate you!”
When he opened his mouth and recited the mantra, a piece of blood appeared, turned into a lotus, bloomed one after another, and fell towards Wang Xuan, he used magic.
Although this monster is ferocious and ferocious, its strength is indeed extraordinary. It is a more powerful native monster than Kong Yun, Wong Tai Sin and others.
The bloody lotus glowed, the super matter boiled, and the bloody lotus petals pressed toward Wang Xuan like a mountain.
Wang Xuan stood up with both hands and quickly formed a special gesture to coordinate with the use of extraordinary postures. At this stage, he really couldn’t use the third level Samadhi True Fire.
However, the real fire he activated was still very strong, and it was a technique far beyond his level. The golden bamboo slips allowed him to realize the true meaning of the technique.
With the help of his spiritual eye, he mobilized the mysterious factors to quickly sequence and construct a relatively perfect extraordinary fire. A dark flame bloomed, as if pouring out of hell.
With a whoosh, black flames engulfed the bloody lotus, and the super matter impacted. The building in front of them was instantly broken, exploded, and burned into ashes.
Black Hyena was holding a big mace. When the spells collided, he rushed over and hit Wang Xuan with the force of a mountain.
/Wang Xuan looked solemn. This guy’s physical body was too powerful. Could this be a monster above the eighth level? In this realm, it is indeed difficult for anyone to resist in this world.
A golden tree appeared next to Wang Xuan, and in an instant, four golden birds flew out, flapping their wings, and attacked the black-haired demon.
“Chirp chirp chirp” When the golden bird chirped, it was like a phoenix splitting the sky, and the surrounding void seemed blurred.
Black Hyena felt a splitting headache, his spirit was attacked, and his brains were about to explode. The attack of the mace in his hand suddenly slowed down.
A drop of strange blood appeared on his body, flowing with frightening pressure, temporarily resisting the mental erosion of the four golden birds.
This is the ancestral blood in the demon pool. These people came through the curtain and brought some trump cards, which can kill the enemy and save their lives.
With a bang, Wang Xuan swung the entire golden tree and smashed it towards him. The black hyena was blocked with a mace. In the dazzling sparks, super matter boiled.
Blood dripped from Black Hyena’s eyebrows. No matter how hard he tried to prevent it, his spiritual realm was still eroded. He suddenly became ferocious and used his ancestral blood to fight against Wang Xuan.
Wang Xuan felt severe pain in his arm. Although there was no fracture, he was knocked back many steps by the powerful impact of