g replied with a smile, “If the three of them did not violate the prohibition, I hope the Chaohan Security Bureau can hand over the person to me.” “

g replied with a smile, “If the three of them did not violate the prohibition, I hope the Chaohan Security Bureau can hand over the person to me.” ”
Leave the person to you. ?” Ning Zhiyuan laughed angrily. This time, he really couldn’t hold back his anger, “What qualifications do you have to deal with them? I don’t even have the qualifications.” Chapter
185: Kind-faced Eunuch Wei
approaches the Security Bureau Ning Zhiyuan has no doubt that if he dares to speak in this regard, Wei Yue will make him pay the price sooner or later even if he doesn’t express his position at the moment.
This Li Yongsheng, you are so ignorant.
Ning Zhiyuan knew very well that by interfering with the Imperial Prison, he had already offended the Chief Supervisor Fan Han. However, Fan Han was a confidant of the late emperor, so it didn’t matter. Seriously, the Ordnance Bureau was in the hands of Fan Han. Although I won’t say it today, in fact, in his heart Not happy either.
But if Fan Han joins Wei Yue, the flanking attack between the two people will definitely be unbearable for him – Wei Yue alone is enough for him.
/So Ning Zhiyuan secretly decided in his heart, if you really insist on this condition, I don’t mind taking it by force.
Li Yongsheng smiled at him, “Eunuch Ning may not be sure, but actually this bicycle was jointly developed by me and Mr. Zhang from the Arctic Palace, isn’t it Mr. Zhang?”
Zhang Muzi was standing there watching the show. He thought that Li Yongsheng wanted Hu Weiren from Youzhou Art Academy, and it was indeed a good plan.
Now when he suddenly heard that he had pointed himself out, he was stunned.
When she saw Li Yongsheng turning around, Ning Zhiyuan also turned his head. She pondered for a moment and nodded slightly, “Yes.” Ning
Zhiyuan knew that there was someone from the Taoist palace around Li Yongsheng – his relationship with Wei Yue was acceptable. , a lot of information is not a secret to him.
Now that this tacit understanding was exposed, he was slightly startled, and then nodded, “So what?”
To use a popular saying in the earth world, the Arctic Palace is very interesting, but is it none of my business?
Li Yongsheng smiled at him, showing his white teeth, “It’s not easy for Eunuch Ning to obtain this technology from Beiji Palace.”
Ning Zhiyuan was stunned for a moment, and it took him a long time to laugh, “Indeed It’s not easy, do you want some financial compensation?”
“We, Chaoyang University, want to open a radio station, and I’m involved,” Li Yongsheng scratched his head, “I presented my technology to the Government Affairs Council, but they seem to have different opinions.” ”
Then you can start it,” Ning Zhiyuan said. He waved his hand and said calmly, “Call your person in charge of Chaoyang over here. I’ll tell him that he has been working hard on state affairs and not much entertainment. He wants to do a good job in this radio station.” I
heard that it was Ning Zhiyuan, the imperial eunuch who called him. , Chief Martial Arts Instructor Zhang Yan rushed over i