man had the support of a bunch of big nobles. After joining, he could avoid the pursuit of the nobles of the Alpha Kingdom.

Facts have proved that he was overthinking everything. Putting on the mask really opened up a new life – the life of XZ in Dongzang.
As long as his identity is not exposed, he will not be hunted by the Alpha Kingdom. But once his identity is exposed, he will be in this situation now.
The so-called support from the great nobles is pure nonsense. Although their current cause is sacred, based on the bad things they did before, who would believe that they are rebelling against the Holy See until they achieve some results?
The awesome “Skeleton Lord” is actually no different from him. They are both the most wanted criminals in the Alpha Kingdom.
Although he was not recognized at a glance, he was suspicious. It was unfortunate that Florian mistook him for some low-life thief, otherwise he would not have foolishly given the order to arrest him.
He was not caught, but unfortunately his life was wasted. If other noble teams had not appeared and scared Kallis away, they might not even have a chance to leave any last words.
“Well, it seems that you and the Blood Moon Horn are at odds with each other. Since you have disturbed the nobles in the Southeast Province and are pursuing the Blood Moon Horn, let’s stop for now!
In the recent days, you should not go out for activities. It is best to leave the southeastern province for a while and come back after the weather calms down. ”
The masked man said helplessly.
Originally, he had high hopes for Kallis, but now it has been proven that ability and success are completely different concepts. As long as you have bad luck, you can’t achieve anything.
/When it comes to the Blood Moon Horn, Kallis is a completely unlucky guy. First, he robbed and killed the king’s envoy in a confused way, causing him to fall from the high position of the leader of the Holy See’s Dragon Cavalry to the mortal world.
Just after taking a breath, he disguised himself as a wandering businessman and investigated the Blood Moon Horn again, but the result was another bad start.
The trouble this time was indeed smaller, but the consequences were similar. They were also pursued by the aristocratic group.
The only difference was that the enemies in the previous wave were too high-end, and they were at the king level right from the start, and Kallis killed all his teammates. This wave of enemies is not that strong, and the teammates who have taken the blame can still be alive and kicking.
“Don’t worry, Holy Lord. I’m not a fool. My whereabouts have been exposed. If I continue to stay in the Southeast Province, I’m just waiting for the enemy to come to me.
Judging from the reaction of this group of nobles, they still have not let down their vigilance, and the time is not yet ripe to pursue the matter of the Blood Moon Horn.
/It is better to let our people evacuate the Alpha Kingdom first and develop again in another place. Wait three to five years before sending someone over to inve