d up the courage to speak, “I just want to know what the Yongxin you are looking for looks like!”

d up the courage to speak, “I just want to know what the Yongxin you are looking for looks like!”
After saying this, her cheeks flushed with red. Xia.
She was really unconvinced. When she met Li Yongsheng, she didn’t pay much attention to this little boy, but unknowingly, the two of them got closer and closer.
Now, as long as she can reach the level of cultivation, she can enter Wanxuan Temple as a preparatory disciple, so she felt a deep sense of unwillingness in her heart – I just want to see what you have been looking for. Girl, how can you be better than me?
“Enter your high seminary well,” Li Yongsheng snorted and spoke without any doubt.
Ren Yongxin turned around and walked out quickly without saying anything.
At this moment, Yongbin came jumping in from outside, “Brother Yongsheng, the green grass has sprouted outside, let’s go for an outing?” ”
Brother Yongsheng is busy,” Li Yongsheng smiled at her, “You follow Sister Yongxin, go ahead. Brother needs some time off. It’s already summer anyway.” ”
Then I’ll help you with the work.” Yongbin rolled up his little cotton-padded jacket, revealing his fleshy forearms. “After you finish the work, Let’s go play.”
“Good boy, brother is going to do the trial,” Li Yongsheng smiled and grabbed her hair, “This is very important to me.” ”
Then I will help you with the trial,” Xiao Yongbin said eagerly. Looking at him
, the trials of Chaoyang Daxiu Hall are diverse, and they are not limited to the local area.
Li Yongsheng is not worried about the trial mission. Even if there is no trial mission, he asked Yang Guozheng to help find one. It must not be a big problem. Nangui County is also in the south, but the only thing to worry about is whether Chaoyang Great Xiu Hall will recognize this mission. .
Soon, he found a suitable task – Bashu County has been suffering from drought and no rain since last autumn, and the people have been displaced and are in urgent need of all kinds of assistance.
The capital has prepared a lot of aid materials, and the Chaoyang Main Xiu Hall has also prepared some. However, the Ministry of Education hopes that dozens more undergraduates will come from Chaoyang to maintain order or do voluntary teachings.
/Chapter 233 Going South
The drought-stricken Bashu County is short of everything, but generally speaking, Chaoyang Xiu Hall will prepare some supplies, and few seminarians are willing to go and do volunteer work.
For the seminarians of the Great Xiu Hall, outside the capital, it is the countryside. It is really not an exaggeration. How prosperous is the capital?
Most of those who are able to return to their hometowns after graduation are local people who go back with the intention of serving their hometown.
But once you return to the place, not only will you be far away from the center, but your promotion will be slow – China also has a principle of avoidance.
Therefore, even if they go to the lower counties, it is better to stay in Beijing first and then go to other places.
After practicing for two years,