uch a big company have the capital to fight two counter-cyclical business wars?”

uch a big company have the capital to fight two counter-cyclical business wars?”
“Don’t treat it like a company!” Zhao Song shook his head and reminded: “Treat it like a country, so that you can predict it. “The third counter-cyclical business war in the DRAM industry will come sooner or later!”
On the one-and-a-half-kilometer-long Ginza street, one footprint is the monthly salary of a senior cabinet official. In addition to its place name, Ginza is also a status symbol. Having your own store in Ginza is an extremely honorable thing.
“No wonder I can rent this place so easily. Do they think I’m being taken advantage of?”
/Lawyer Tong shrugged and said helplessly: “Mr. Zhao, if you don’t use this Price, people are more willing to rent to international big names.”
“What’s the situation with the other two houses?”
“With a lease!” Lawyer Tong said, “If you decide to buy, you may have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages.”
Zhao Song nodded, glanced at the island country agency personnel in the distance, and then stared at the agency contract in front of him with a gloomy expression.
“Boss, please stop thinking about it! This is the Kingdom of Electrical Appliances! No foreign brand has ever been able to gain a foothold here. Not even Apple.” Fu Jianxing stepped forward and said worriedly.
/Apple is OK! But it will be a few years later.
“Just because this is the kingdom of electrical appliances, if we can succeed here, the advertising effect will be stronger than in Europe and the United States.”
“But people here only recognize domestic brands!”
Zhao Song shook his head and said: “The island country’s economy has been continuously After seven years of decline, an otaku culture has gradually emerged here! They are patriotic, but they love the second dimension more!
“What is the second dimension?” Fu Jianxing and Zhao Lei looked confused. Look at Zhao Song.
Zhao Song smiled slightly, “I won’t understand for a while, but you can take the time to go to Akihabara in the past two days. It has gradually transformed from an electrical paradise to a retro two-dimensional place.”
After saying that, Zhao Song did not Without further hesitation, he signed his name on the power of attorney seriously.
In this way, the first step of Tesla’s overseas strategy was officially launched in the island nation of Tokyo.
University, EDU Center.
Professor Zhou looked at the students who signed their names solemnly and said softly: “Steel City, don’t you think about it anymore? You know, with your grades, you can definitely get offers from big companies in the United States.”
The student’s name was Guo Gangcheng. At this time, he said with a smile: “Teacher, I stayed there as an exchange student for two years, and I have learned what I need to learn. What I am missing now is practice.”
Professor Zhou nodded, “That’s right! Special! This opportunity for Tesla is simply great!” Professor Zhou sighed: “Zhao Song did not follow Gao Luyuan, but started with basic chips. This is the best for Tesla a