was still far from the top.

“Senior, this wine has been aged for more than 20 years. It is considered a good wine, but it was a little hasty to open it and the taste is a little bit off.”
The old man opposite was dumbfounded, looking Wang Meng up and down, “Damn, you kid, no matter where you come from, you can still drink this?”
“Haha, I’m confused. I’ve studied a little bit before.” When he was studying ascension in the later period, Wang Meng also specialized in brewing wine. What’s more, he used the Dragon Yin Moon Statue to let the years pass, and the brew he brewed was an eternal drunkenness. It is the best in the world!
“Haha, it seems that I was mistaken. It turned out that I was feeding myself. However, little brother, you are still young, and your health is still very important.”
The old man blinked, he didn’t seem to be an old-fashioned person.
“Here, eat, eat!!!” Wan’er reluctantly placed the prepared food in front of the old man.
“Haha, the little girl is unhappy, okay, just pretend I didn’t say anything.”
/Wan’er is someone who easily forgets her worries. The old man is also humorous, and the pleasant lunch ends quickly. The old man is not too stingy, and even though he is in pain, he still pours out a few more glasses.
When you meet a close friend, a thousand cups are too little, but Mr. Wang is not greedy for cups.
After eating, the old man stood up and patted his butt, “You two are too weak. Let’s go. Something will happen here soon.”
“Thank you, senior. Let’s pack up and leave in a moment.”
The old man nodded, hummed an unknown tune, and wandered into the forest.
/“Master, you are the only one with a good heart. If I were not, I would definitely not give it to him.”
I can’t tell that the little girl is a bit defensive.
“Well, Wan’er, you go back first. I have something to do and will leave in a moment.”
Wang Meng said, consider safety issues. It’s better to let Wan’er go first.
“No, Master, I want to protect you!”
Wang Zhenren didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He coughed a few times and said, “Well, actually, I’m worried, so you should leave first. I’m timid and will definitely chase you.”
Wan’er’s face turned red immediately and she quickly lowered her head to pack her things. Gone in a flash.
Wang Meng smiled, youth, little girls are so easy to deceive. If it were Cheng Cheng, she would definitely have seen through it.
His mind gradually dispersed, and Wang Meng walked into the forest, with the demon binding rope ready in his hand.
No matter how flexible the spirit beast is, no matter how good at hiding it, it can’t escape Wang Meng’s mind. Soon, he discovered the true nature of the spirit beast.
A little fiery red rabbit is very alert and has super long ears. The fire of the five elements is quite pure.
When his mind scanned, the Fire Rabbit also looked around warily, his eyes full of doubts.
Suddenly a warning sign appeared, and the Fire Rabbit suddenly burst into flames, rising from its gentle form. It was extremely terrifying. The two big teeth turned into huge fangs,