he was the leader and the law of righteousness. If he wanted to directly break into the law of reverse, it would be as difficult as climbing to the sky.

Wang Meng really wants to thank the Void Crocodile God. Without it, Wang Meng would have died, because the existence of the Void Crocodile God allowed Wang Meng to experience the world of Ni.
In the growth of a monk, experience is the most important part of practice. Only by experiencing it can you understand that the main direction of human practice is experience, while spiritual beasts are inheritance.
The existence of the Void Crocodile God opened up Wang Meng’s understanding of the reverse world, so Wang Meng had to be in your atmosphere and then understand this reverse divine pattern.
As soon as this thought came out, the inverse divine pattern within the soul emitted golden ripples, which spread towards the endless space.
Each ripple is making the world subside. The ripples become stronger and more fierce, and finally burst into a dazzling light, like the explosion of the sun.
/The entire Broken Void was rippled clean, revealing the original nothingness.
Only Wang Meng and the goddess were left in the space.
This shows that this goddess does come from the power of the upper world.
The goddess showed a shocked expression. It was absolutely impossible and not allowed for a mortal to master both positive and negative powers.
Wang Meng was also a little surprised. He just thought correctly and did not understand the meaning of the divine pattern at all, so the endless space was cracked.
In other words, it’s just balanced.
Mastering both positive and negative orders at the same time is simply invincible.
Any unsolvable problem becomes solvable once it rises to the level of positive and negative order, but in fact, this should not exist.
Even Wang Zhenren was a little embarrassed, he was a bit too bullying of humans and gods.
“what do you!”
Wang Meng shrugged helplessly, “A mortal with good luck will give you all a headache. Use whatever tricks you have.”
The projection is encouraged, left by God in some way, but the connection will definitely be cut off, and the projection will faithfully perform the preset purpose until the end.
Of course, if the projection disappears, there will be a reaction from the gods, but Zhenren Wang is not afraid at all. Occasionally, the law of the great road is useful.
The goddess could feel the condescending confidence of the other party, “Third song, Dream Extinguished.”
The goddess’s light shone brightly, and the sound of the piano suddenly became high-pitched, exerting almost endless power and coercion.
Wang Meng was really stunned. Damn, this is so shameless. Isn’t this self-destruction? ! !
He thought he could have a deeper experience, but he ended up doing something like this.
Suddenly, the radiance of Wang Meng’s soul shone brightly, the goddess’s power was suppressed, and the sound of the piano stopped abruptly.
Master Wang was about to vomit blood. The previous realization really made him very