oks like a maze, but it is actually a combination of several streets intertwined here. No matter which path you take, you can finally get out of here.

But when walking in this maze, zombies would appear from time to time. After seeing Wei Xiaobei and his group, they seemed to be seeing fat hungry dogs and pounced on them with all their strength.
“It’s your turn.”
After walking a short half of the street, five zombies emerged from the fork in front of the street. They screamed silently, shook their bodies, and walked slowly over.
Well, this amount is more appropriate, and Wei Xiaobei set his sights on Yang Tingting.
Yang Tingting had some premonition of what was going to happen next. She looked at Wei Xiaobei who was about to say something, but was unable to speak the next moment. Wei Xiaobei gently poked her chest a few times, and her body became like Yang Feifei’s. become stiff.
Wei Xiaobei took out the silver needle again and pierced Yang Tingting’s body.
There is no doubt that after the two experiments with Cheng Dalong and Yang Feifei, Wei Xiaobei’s subsequently improved seven-needle acupuncture technique has greater potential.
After Yang Tingting was patted on the shoulder by Wei Xiaobei, she rushed towards the zombies as if she was not injured at all.
She didn’t even have a weapon in her hand, and she just relied on her two fists to smash the heads of all the zombies.
After a long time, after she recovered from the state of potential stimulation, Yang Tingting saw the zombie corpse in front of her and couldn’t bear it anymore, so she vomited.
/This is normal, and for most girls, it is difficult to accept this kind of thing.
But for those who enter the gray world, this is a necessary process. If you survive it, you will be able to survive. If you cannot survive it, it will be difficult to survive in future adventures.
/In the following time, whenever he encountered zombies, Wei Xiaobei would pull out a silver needle and prick them to stimulate their potential and let them come forward to fight the zombies, thereby collecting experimental data.
After this torture, even Cheng Dalong felt that his whole body was going numb.
If Wei Xiaobei hadn’t given them some potions from time to time, I’m afraid that just stimulating their potential would have drained them dry.
After the potential is stimulated, the consumption of the human body is very large. If there is not enough supplement, even Wei Xiaobei may not be able to persist for a few times.
But in fact, for Cheng Dalong and the Yang siblings, such continuous potential activation has many benefits for them.
After activating their potential several times, although their bodies still felt weak, the three of them could feel that their bodies were different from before. They had much stronger power than before, and even their running speeds were much faster.
After walking on the street for about several kilometers and killing nearly two hundred zombies, a wall appeared at the end of the street.
This wall should have been the community in the past, and