nd address of the women’s club were correct, and then sent it to Liu Changan.

Liu Changan looked at it, and saw some familiar names. He checked the street view map and the pictures on the review website, and determined that this women’s club was the one where Liu Changan accompanied An Nuan to get her hair done. After sitting there all afternoon, I realized how much a woman could toss around with her hair for hours, just to make the straight hair into a crooked one, or the crooked hair into a straight one.
“Don’t act rashly.” Liu Changan warned Li Hongfang. Her battle suit was very powerful, but the biggest factor in determining the outcome of a struggle throughout the ages has never been the tools and equipment, but the person who uses them.
/She couldn’t even use this combat suit skillfully and couldn’t exert its full effect, so its practical value was greatly reduced.
“Go back and take a good look at the manual and any other learning systems. Studying this combat suit is your first priority.”
“I understand.” Feeling the care of the sect master, Li Hongfang gratefully accepted the order and left.
Liu Changan walked back and had been watching Liu Changan and Li Hongfang from a distance. Old Qian Qian ran over with his fists raised and looked at Liu Changan with interest. He tilted his head and trotted to follow Liu Changan’s footsteps with bulging eyes.
“That Meituo has a good figure!” Old Qian sighed with emotion when Liu Changan didn’t speak.
“Do you have any ideas?” Liu Changan looked at the old man Qian’s body and bones, “I have an ancient prescription. If you take it, you will be strong and powerful. If it doesn’t work, you don’t need to pay. If you take it, you will pay if it works.”
Old Man Qian was a little surprised. He immediately changed his attention and looked at Liu Changan suspiciously, “Don’t try to trick me. You can’t trick all the old guys in the community together.”
“Forget it if you don’t believe me, you missed the opportunity.” Liu Changan said regretfully, “You should continue to take pictures of trees.”
“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it. I would rather break ten sycamore trees than believe your recipe.” Old Man Qian came back to his senses, “Why did Mei Tuo kneel down to you just now? Is it because you are actually a big shot?” ?”
“Yes, the boss is Tian, ??the second is Earth, and I am the third.” Liu Changan nodded.
“Bah, bah, you are a childish child. You dare to say anything, and you are not afraid of losing your life!”
“Don’t be afraid. I’m going to make preserved eggs today. They’re more delicious than what you make at home.”
“Haha, Zhou Dongdong said the beef hot sauce I made is better than the hot sauce you made.”
“She said that because she wanted to eat the beef in your hot sauce.”
Liu Changan and Old Man Qian walked slowly back to the community. Old Man Qian went home and took a can of beef chili sauce, which he exchanged for Liu Changan’s. He didn’t think that Liu Changan’s chili sauce was better than his own, so the neighbor next door ate it in the same way.