he Warriors gain a rapidly growing Durant!

he Warriors gain a rapidly growing Durant!
On the Warriors’ sideline ball, Sun Hao ran away without the ball. After covering with Durant, he caught the ball and turned around to shoot backwards!
After trying all his teammates in this section and feeling bad, he had no choice but to do it on his own!
This time’s move is difficult!
It was almost a negative angle shot, which was completely testing Sun Hao’s difficult shooting ability.
But that’s what Sun Hao wants to do!
In the eyes of the fans at the scene, Sun Hao made a difficult and large catch and shot backwards.
Not to mention the fans, Popovich’s eyelids jumped.
During this period, both sides were in a scoring shortage. If Sun Hao could score such a ball, it would definitely be a big blow to the Spurs’ morale.
Then, when people are most worried about something, it often comes.
Sun Hao’s difficult backward shot hit!
36 to 34!
The Warriors broke the scoring drought on the court and took the lead!
The fans cheered again.
And this time, their expressions burst with that kind of fanatical emotion.
When we were chasing points earlier, it was Sun Hao, but now it is Sun Hao who is stabilizing the situation. It is only Sun Hao tonight!
At this moment, not only did the dark clouds dissipate, they even felt the heat of the sun!
Sun Hao was in a good mood at the moment.
In this game just now, on the one hand, he had to stand up, and on the other hand, he also wanted to try out what state his high-difficulty badge was in.
Now it seems that he has received good news.
In such a game where teammates feel bad, this is great news!
Ginobili’s three-pointer from the outside, no!
At this time, the defensive intensity on both sides was very high.
/Although the Warriors are not as good as the Spurs in terms of defensive experience and ability, they are worse than the Spurs because they are young, active, and have quick legs!
Oden protected the defensive rebound.
This time, it’s the Warriors’ chance!
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao signaled to pull away, but the Spurs ignored it and came up to double-team him.
After seeing this, Sun Hao didn’t hesitate much and went directly to the right to break through!
The Spurs drove him right into the corner.
After being forced into the bottom corner, Sun Hao made another difficult turn and shot backwards!
Popovich’s eyelids jumped again!
Then, as if telepathically, Sun Hao’s difficult shot hit again!
The Warriors fans at the scene were going crazy.
Because others missed shots one after another, Sun Hao single-handedly scored all 12 points for the Warriors in this quarter!
And the key is, he hit two difficult goals in a row!
38 to 34!
Although the Warriors are not leading by much in the score, the momentum on the court, after Sun Hao’s two difficult goals, has completely shifted towards the Warriors!
“Defend! Defend!”
The shouts on the scene were loud!
Amid the overwhelming defense of the Warriors, the Spurs’ offense still failed to score!