l make a fuss.

After Liu Changan drank the soy milk, and with some suggestions and guidance from Zhou Dongdong, he killed the pullet. Anyway, this one was an extra one. If he didn’t eat it quickly, he might not survive to go home at night.
Liu Changan directly cut the chicken into slices and grilled it. The chicken butt is actually very delicious. The convex object on the top hides the gland cavity, also called the supracavitary bursa. Just dig out the globular object.
Zhou Dongdong was eating roasted chicken legs and worriedly watching Liu Changan eating the chicken butt. His mother went out. Brother Changan will be poisoned later. What will he do if there is no antidote? I wonder if I can detoxify him by spitting on him?
After Liu Changan finished eating the chicken, he didn’t look like he had poisonous hair when he was getting ready to go to school. Zhou Dongdong couldn’t help but regretfully swallowed his saliva. The chicken butt looked really delicious!
After the brief drizzle during the Dragon Boat Festival, Junsha ushered in a day of clear clouds and breezy weather. Liu Changan strolled to school and was not unexpectedly late.
Places where youth gather always appear more energetic, and the energy and blood in the hustle and bustle are strong, making those who work there stay young for a longer period of time.
Huang Shan casually flipped through the pushed information about the launch of the female anchor’s show. It’s so easy to get your blood pumping early in the morning.
/“Good morning, Teacher Huang.” Liu Changan was about to pass Huang Shan, but Huang Shan keenly caught him from the corner of his eye and took the initiative to say hello.
“Liu Chang’an, what did you do yesterday? You are late again today!” In Huang Shan’s view, asking for leave at this time is already unacceptable, not to mention being late after asking for leave. It is too wasteful to race against time.
“I went to Taiwan.”
“Oh? What are you lying about? The day before yesterday you were still participating in Yangui Lake activities!” Huang Shan said angrily. It is very common for students to lie, but Liu Changan rarely does it. He actually found such an obviously perfunctory person today. The excuse was that he, Huang Shan, was easy to deal with, or that he was about to take the college entrance examination anyway, so he could be unscrupulous? Why didn’t you say you went to Antarctica to see penguins?
Liu Changan took out his mobile phone and showed Huang Shan the photos.
“Look, I even took a photo with the 010 Building, the tallest building in Taiwan. There are four big words floating in the sky: Come here for a visit!”
On the photo, there are four words written by Liu Changan with his fingers.
“Look, this is Tulin Official Residence, and these signs are all in traditional Chinese characters.”
“Look, I took a photo with a kind little girl from Taiwan.”
Huang Shan has also been to Taiwan. People of this age always have some past feelings about Taiwan. Who knew that there was always a text about Taiwan in the texts when he wa