up straight with his legs was considered a warrior.

Zhou Xingyuan placed himself in Wei Xiaobei’s position and made some calculations. He found that his legs might be shaking like a threshing machine. As for wielding a weapon to kill Diplodocus, it was simply impossible.
Ants challenge elephants, well, that’s probably what happened.
Since then, Wei Xiaobei’s weight in his heart suddenly became different.
Although he still had the pistol as a source of confidence, it was difficult for him to straighten up in front of Wei Xiaobei.
“so so.”
Wei Xiaobei was talking to Zhou Xingyuan, but his eyes were looking towards the forest.
There was a lot of movement in the forest, and there seemed to be some giant beast moving around inside.
Wei Xiaobei immediately stopped walking and straightened the big gun in his hand.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei like this, Zhou Xingyuan felt an inexplicable fear in his heart.
“Run away for a while.”
At this time, Wei Xiaobei felt that Zhou Xingyuan was still of some use, so he simply made a few remarks.
Run further? Why?
/Before Zhou Xingyuan could react, he heard the sound of trees breaking in the forest.
A huge stegosaurus was like a train, crashing into a big tree with a crash. The big tree didn’t even have a chance to bend, and suddenly broke and fell down. The branches and leaves flew in all directions, stirring up countless fallen leaves.
Not far behind the Stegosaurus, a dinosaur walking upright appeared. It was smaller than this Stegosaurus, but for humans, it was already a giant.
The stegosaurus was about eleven meters long, while the upright walking dinosaur was four to five meters long.
Tyrannosaurus rex!
Having said that, both Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex are much taller and stronger than the models restored in reality!
In any case, Zhou Xingyuan felt that his legs were shaking at this time, and he wanted to run, but his legs did not obey any instructions.
Looking at Wei Xiaobei beside him, who looked calm, Zhou Xingyuan finally understood what true calm meant.
When I first joined society, the bloody chaos was nothing at all. I am afraid that even if I call my boss Wan Dahao here, I will still wet my pants.
Wei Xiaobei was not willing to leave someone standing beside him to block his hands and feet. He stretched out his left hand and grabbed Zhou Xingyuan in his hand. With a slight flick, Zhou Xingyuan, who weighed more than 160 kilograms, was easily thrown out and flew out. Falling to the ground more than twenty meters.
Although he was hit hard when he fell to the ground, Zhou Xingyuan was shocked.
Isn’t this guy too strong?
/You want to know what is the concept of throwing a 160-pound person more than 20 meters with one hand?
An ordinary martial arts master who can throw someone five or six meters with one hand is already very strong.
And to extend this distance to more than twenty meters, the energy consumed is not just as simple as multiplying it four or five times.
It is absolutely impossible to do this without the strength of two to three