river is too dirty.

The river water is extremely turbid, and you can even smell the horrible smell coming from the river water from a distance!
Well, you know, because the Tianzhu people believe that as long as the corpse or ashes are poured into the holy river, the human soul can rest in peace, the number of corpse ashes dumped into the holy river every year reaches a terrifying level!
If you think about it, you will know that when most Tianzhu people dispose of the corpses of their family members, they burn them with gasoline. As a result, the effect of burning cannot be compared to that of a crematorium.
Most corpses after burning still have a large amount of body tissue remaining. You can imagine what will happen to such corpses and ashes after they are poured into the holy river.
Coupled with the rapid development of industry in Tianzhu in recent years, and the lack of environmental supervision in Tianzhu, a large amount of industrial wastewater has been dumped into the holy river. As a result, the smell of the holy river water makes people shy away.
Even these “dragons” seemed extremely hesitant after feeling the smell of the holy river. It was not until the “dragon” king shook his body and rushed into the holy river that the other “dragons” followed timidly. Go down.
There is no doubt that this holy river has special meaning for these “dragons”. When they entered the holy river, their spirits immediately refreshed. Many of the “dragons” even had eyes filled with lust, and they became entangled and rubbed against each other.
But no matter what special significance this holy river has to them, at this moment, a small red dot suddenly appeared high in the sky, and then quickly grew in size!
The little red dot was shockingly the Suzaku that ran away before. At this time, it actually came back and swooped down towards the holy river with flames all over its body at an extremely high speed!
/It has to be said that these “dragons” are very vigilant, perhaps because they are often preyed upon by Garuda, so they are particularly sensitive to threats from the sky.
As a result, they all stood up on their own in the river, their throats rapidly expanded, and they attempted to spray water jets high into the sky!
But at this moment, the speed of the swooping Suzaku suddenly increased several times, and the distance of several thousand meters was reached in an instant!
/There was a loud noise, and the Suzaku was shocked and hit the holy river!
Countless flames spurted out in all directions at this moment, igniting the holy river in an instant!
In fact, just the sound of the Suzaku hitting the Holy River at high speed caused heavy losses to those “dragons”.
The river water was hit by high speed and instantly turned into countless water droplets splashing out in all directions.
After these water droplets are endowed with high energy, their lethality is extremely frightening.
At least the bodies of more than 500 “dragons” in the surrounding circle were sieved by thousands of water drops at this moment!