eavenly World, participated in the Battle of Heavenly Road, and was no stranger to Xu Ying.

Xu Yingshi had just tried to steal the Water-Fire Huntian Cauldron, but he had forced him back. Now, Chu Tiandu wearing a mask appeared again, so he doubted who the person under the mask was.
He offered Xu Ying a stick of incense to lure the snake out of its hole.
If Chu Tiandu was Xu Ying, then Xu Ying would definitely not be able to bear it and would try to refine the Water-Fire Hybrid Heaven Cauldron.
“This treasure has been refined by me into a treasure of merit. If you want to take away my treasure of merit, unless you have greater merit than me in refining demons!”
God King Xuankong said silently in his heart, “I want to see if you will reveal your flaws!”
/As soon as Xu Ying showed his weakness and tried to refine the water-fire hybrid cauldron, He would immediately take action, sacrifice the cauldron and kill Xu Ying!
“It would be a good thing to let him die in his condition.”
Xu Ying got closer and closer to the Water and Fire Cauldron, and gradually felt the pressure brought by the incense.
This tripod is said to be a treasure of merit, but in fact it absorbs the incense from all over the world and condenses it into divine power, allowing the power of this treasure to continue to increase!
Xu Ying was secretly shocked. The power of the water-fire hybrid cauldron was too strong. Heavenly runes engraved appeared on the outer wall of the cauldron, but nothing could be seen on the inner wall.
Most of the Heavenly Dao runes engraved on the outer wall of the Water-Fire Mixing Heavenly Cauldron are correct Heavenly Dao runes, which is extremely rare. Thinking about these years, Xuan Kong God King has settled in Sumeru and ruled the four realms. Over the years, he has gained the incense of all living beings and understood the principles of heaven. He has become much stronger than when he was in the world of heaven!
Xu Ying came to the Water-Fire Huntian Cauldron, took a stick of incense, and was about to offer incense to the Hun-Tian Cauldron. Suddenly, the sky changed drastically, and he saw the sky split. A young man in yellow robe came to kill him. He raised his hand and grabbed the Water-Fire Huntian Cauldron. , shouted: “Xuankong, you surrendered me to the refining realm and refined it into a magic weapon. Now that more than 40,000 years have passed, it’s time to return it to me!”
God King Xuankong was shocked. The young man in yellow robe was Xu Ying, who came to seize the treasure. Obviously the Chu Tiandu next to him was indeed Chu Tiandu!
Without thinking, he immediately rose into the air and promised to catch Huangpao.
Xu Ying, who was in yellow robe, saw that he was approaching fiercely and did not dare to confront him directly. He immediately raised his body and turned into a ray of yellow light and flew away!
/God King Xuankong sneered: “I asked you to escape just now, and now you still want to leave? Can you escape?”
His body moved, and suddenly there was a thunderous thunder, and the