berd and said coldly: “You just said that the master left me a treasure. What do you mean?”

“That’s it, hurry up”
Boom! !
The underground palace shook, Hu San’s expression changed, Mu Jiling frowned and opened the water curtain in front of him.
Five men in black commanded broad swords, drawing boundless sword energy to bombard the mountain-protecting formation. The leader also controlled magic weapons, making the formation barrier crumbling and threatening to collapse at any time.
/“Come so soon?”
“It doesn’t matter, just let them be.”
Mu Jiling said calmly: “The formation here was established by Master himself. Not to mention the five Xiantian realms outside, even the five Divine Transformation realms can’t even think of breaking through the formation.”
Mu Jiling originally intended to send several prisoners to the Xuanyin Division station in Pingzhou, but Hu San dissuaded him. He was worried that there were Huangji Sect undercover agents there, and it was very possible that he would send the prisoners there, and then the prisoners would drive away in a carriage. The Changming Sword Sect took him back to Yuezhou.
The old man cuddling with the duck is busy in vain.
Lu Bei felt that Hu San’s words were reasonable, and the side mission of breaking out of the encirclement was not completed, which meant that although they left Yuezhou, they did not escape the encirclement of the Changming Sword Sect.
For the specific reason, we can only guess that the Iron Sword Alliance was powerful and had many people. They were afraid that the Emperor Ji Sect would not be able to provide explicit help, so they secretly acted to guide the Changming Sword Faction.
Three people voted, two to one. Mu Jiling respected the sinister minds of the two brothers and chose to land here, using the formation as a barrier to kill the Chang Ming Sword Sect alive.
When the news of the arrest of several prisoners reached the capital and new officials took office, Chang Mingjian sent Huitian Wushu. He committed an unforgivable crime of ambushing Xuanyin Division Qingwei, so he had no choice but to hide behind closed doors and wait for death.
“Are you sure that the attack outside is fierce and the spiritual crystal can withstand the consumption?”
“The main heart of the formation is not a spiritual crystal. You can’t understand Master’s realm.”
It was a rare opportunity to despise Hu San. Mu Jiling refused to let it go no matter what he said. After a contemptuous look, he continued: “The artistic conception of the eighty-eight pillars will last forever. The pillars remain in the array, and there is no possibility of breaking them from the outside world.”
You look so confident, just like the bragging I made to my second brother that night!
Hu San snorted: “I hope so. There is a Xiantian Realm Dzogchen outside. It is very difficult to fight at first glance. If the formation is broken, I can’t…”
“If you really break the formation, I will take off your head and give it to you.”
Mu Jiling made a final decision, and walked quickly towards t