t of her, who was in simple clothes.

Arianna nodded calmly and said:
/An angel and three saints, led by Prince Grove, entered the depths of the underground ruins and discovered that there was a ruins hidden in the darkness that no one had ever set foot on. There were men and women who were taught different rituals. , everything is peaceful and orderly.
Arianna, Horamik and other demigods checked different areas according to their own ideas, and even left here to check further away, but found nothing.
After receiving Arianna’s notification, Klein turned Qonaskorg into a servant in the manor, causing the deputy director of MI9 to disappear.
Then, he was not in a hurry to hold a sacrificial ceremony, and sent the harvested items above the gray fog for research, and waited patiently until dawn.
A flash of orange lit up on the horizon, and one manor after another on the north bank of the Tasok River woke up in the morning mist.
The tall and fat Fran Mikay came to the guest bedroom where Qunaskorge slept last night, raised his hand and knocked on the door, preparing to have breakfast with the deputy director of MI9.
However, no one responded inside.
“The Major General has gone to the restaurant?” Fran Mikachi turned around with a slight doubt and left this floor.
It wasn’t until breakfast was over that everyone discovered that Qonaskerg was missing. Under the leadership of Dwayne Dantès, they came outside the guest bedroom and watched the manor’s deacon Richardson take the key and open the door.
There was no one inside.
“Does Major General Kilger like to take walks in the morning?” Senator Macht pinched his cheekbones and asked doubtfully.
Franmy Cage shook his head without hesitation and said:
“Did you hear anything last night?” Portland Momont, the president of Backlund Technical University, looked around and asked.
Congressman Macht thought about it:
“No, it’s very quiet here and very suitable for vacation.”
Beside him, Hazel looked inside the room with curiosity, but couldn’t think of a possible situation.
At this time, Franmie Cage put forward his own guess:
“Major General Kilger is an important figure in the military. There are often emergencies that require him to deal with. Maybe he left the manor very early and returned to Backlund.”
The steam-powered car tycoon is clearly trying to make things seem less serious.
He seemed to know something, at least he could guess that Qonas Kilg had his own purpose in coming to Rose Manor… Klein listened to their conversation and said to the butler Walter and the manor’s deacon Richardson with a solemn expression:
“Ask the servants at the estate if they saw Major General Kilger last night or this morning.
“If not, send someone back to Backlund, visit Major General Kilger’s family, inform them of the matter, and let them decide whether they need to call the police immediately.”
After giving the instructions, Klein touched his gray temples and said to Congressman Macht and other guests:
“The matter cannot be clarified for the moment. May