age of his condition problems during this period, he would probably not be able to find him after he expelled the evil spirit from his body. It will be missed due to various coincidences.

Moreover, if it was really the “Red Angel” evil spirit, Klein was worried that Zangwill would have died inexplicably before he and Leonard launched their revenge, due to some conspiracy or ridiculous reason other than his doing. Bad things happened.
Based on these considerations, Klein tried to digest the magic potion faster, hoping to complete it within a week or two, but “Magic Mirror” Arrods’s answer made him feel frustrated, and he understood that there was no way to do this. Force.
In such a short period of half a month, or even just a few days, how could he create a better opportunity to perform?
In the silence just now, Klein had made up his mind not to forcibly bind the two things together. From now on, as long as there was a chance of success, he would focus on revenge against Ins Zangwill.
He didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
Although it was only about 10 months and less than a year since what happened at the Black Thorn Security Company in Tingen City, Klein felt that a long, long time had passed, so long that he was unwilling to wait any longer.
Glancing at the very eerie radio receiver, Klein thought for a while, his expression suddenly became serious, and in a calm voice, he asked:
“I used the Winner’s Secret Puppet to see myself before, and I understood why the Extraordinary of the Path of Destiny reacted like that when they faced me.
/“Now, I want to ask you, what do you see in me?”
These words were like thunder, echoing in the room. The radio receiver suddenly lost all movement. After a long while, it started to make a clicking sound again.
A piece of black illusory paper was spit out, with white words on it:
“I, I see in you the pillar, the domination.
“Are you satisfied with this answer?”
Pillar, what does control mean? Klein wanted to ask, but he felt that Arrods probably wouldn’t explain it clearly because he lacked the corresponding knowledge.
Seeing that if he went down any further he would be approached by the “Mother Tree of Desire”, he nodded and said:
“That’s it for today, you go back.”
The clicking sound of the radio receiver suddenly became brisk, and even the paper it spit out turned white:
“Okay, great master, farewell. Your loyal servant Arrodes is always waiting to serve you.”
This time, “Magic Mirror” seems to have forgotten to include a waving stick figure.
He ran pretty fast. Klein muttered, and immediately walked four steps backwards, entered above the gray mist, manifested the “world” Gehrman Sparrow, and told “The Hermit” Cattleya the myth she needed. The biological blood has been prepared. Please provide a method to temporarily restore a certain amount of strength during the weak period as soon as possible.
Not long after, “Star Admiral” Cattleya arranged a ceremony and sacrificed an item to “The Fool”, and asked the great being to transfer the item to “The W