come and see what they do!” Wang Xuan sneered. .

Qin Cheng could see the situation clearly. Although he was worried, he still listened to his advice and left. If he stayed, he would only become a drag and burden.
He knew very well that Wang Xuan had reached a height that was difficult for him to understand on the road of cultivation. As a friend, he positioned himself to help Wang Xuan deal with various chores in this world. As for the troubles on the road to spiritual practice, he was powerless.
Wang Xuan sat quietly, and something unexpected happened. The other party wanted to behead him, and the undercurrent was surging fiercely.
Even Qian An was dissuaded from getting involved in this matter!
“The problem is very serious.” Wang Xuan thought, either the Gray Blood Organization went crazy and revealed information to the relevant parties. They wanted to kill everyone, so all parties could smell the blood, and anyone who reached out would be splashed with blood.
Either there is a super chaebol or a top big organization surfacing behind it, making all parties concerned.
If top powers are involved, then the situation is indeed not optimistic.
Although it is a bit surprising, it is understandable. The top forces control the Gray Blood Organization, which represents the will of some large organizations and plutocrats in Xinxing to target the extraordinary.
Some people accept the extraordinary, while others are naturally conservative and still want to control everything and do not allow special individuals to appear.
“In general, this seems to be an action against me, but it may have far-reaching significance. It is a conflict and strangulation of Chao Chao by the conservatives in the chaebol.”
Wang Xuan thought deeply, if this is really the case, it is indeed a watershed event!
If he and Lao Chen can survive this time and block the strangulation of conservative plutocrats and large organizations, then extraordinary beings should be able to coexist with those forces in the same era.
And if they fail, some of the top organizations and large chaebols will intensify their efforts and never allow extraordinary people like them to break out of the “Iron Curtain” and beyond their control.
/They are the makers of the rules and have never allowed such individuals who might override them to appear.
Only those relatively enlightened plutocrats are probably waiting and watching, not participating, not blocking, not ending, waiting for this game to end.
/“Wang Xuan, hold on!” Lao Chen called. He wouldn’t say anything on the phone because he had already thought of him.
If it is really the plutocrats who end up, and the top big organizations are behind the Gray Blood Organization, and if they want to deal with the two of them, then the communication links will not be secure, and there is a high probability that they will be monitored.
Lao Chen frowned, this will be a bloody confrontation of extraordinary significance!
He has been invited by people recently, and is now in Yong’an City, which is slightly east, about 1,50