that the Yin and Six Realms are destined to be extinguished, I have a shocking secret that I can tell you.”

After Wang Xuan heard what he said, he directly sacrificed the stone cauldron. The light of the rules of the avenue burned, and the world in the cauldron suddenly became a sea of ??runes, completely boiling.
Instead of listening to his terms, it is better to try to destroy him first. Then you can do whatever you want to do with this big bug.
/“If you are targeting me like this, then just die. As a true king, I have gone through hundreds of centuries of ups and downs, experienced everything that needs to be experienced, and experienced everything that needs to be experienced. I have already seen away my life and death, and all I hope for is to change.” Take a look from above, but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid of death!”
Black Sky’s attitude changed and he became very strong. He activated the sledgehammer in his hand and roared loudly. This true king’s weapon and its body seemed to have turned into an extraordinary source, burning blazingly and preparing to self-destruct in the cauldron.
He is indeed not afraid of death. If he can talk, he will talk. If he can’t talk, he will not really feel wronged.
There is some kind of “scar” in his body, and strange natural disasters are revealed, which will officially trigger a catastrophe of annihilation level. If it really breaks out, the nearby universe will collapse.
Wang Xuan frowned. The so-called ominous killing of the True King would be recorded in the account book. It was probably related to the natural disasters and wonders absorbed by the True King.
True King Hei Tian truly self-destructed. The sledgehammer that once cast a shadow covering multiple universes has already shattered a corner of its hammer head. After the True King’s runes bloomed, the stone cauldron shook violently.
The black metal centipede body of the Insect King was also exploding. Some of its carapace exploded, and large areas of bald skin hit the cauldron wall with a buzzing roar.
Wang Xuan even saw that in the “scar” of True King Heitian, there were creatures in the mysterious natural disaster that suddenly opened their eyes. Is this an idea to come up with it and replace it?
“Stop!” Wang Xuan sent a message. He had released a mysterious “Blood King”, who was probably a disaster victim in the past. Although he was showing kindness to him now and expressed goodwill, the future was hard to say.
/He didn’t want to release another disaster lord from the past era. At the very least, before he reached his realm, he shouldn’t let this kind of creature replace the real king again and again.
Krishna was not being pretentious, he was on the edge of his limit, natural disasters and wonders were surging, and cracks appeared. After hearing these words, he immediately stopped self-destructing and quickly strengthened the seal.
Although the insect-shaped true king is very strong, it is still within the controllable range, and as time goes by, Wang Xuan can expand this advantage. He said: “What