the countries in the Central Continent are going crazy, which means that the situation is really getting out of hand.

Unless forced into a desperate situation, aristocratic bureaucrats who want to save face will usually not show their cards directly.
/“The Continental Alliance Army is about to be born!”
Coming to this conclusion, Hudson smiled slightly. This is undoubtedly good news for the Alpha Kingdom.
The continent of Aslant is a chessboard, and the battle situation on the prairie is only a corner of the chessboard. If you want to win the war, you still have to look at the overall situation.
The situation in the Central Continent is undoubtedly the key factor that determines the advantage of the mainland war. Whoever wins the next battle in the Central Continent will win this continental war.
In this regard, Hudson still has great confidence in the human race. It is true that the Human Alliance is a mess, but it is still a race after all. The Alien Alliance is not even a mess, it can only be said to be a hodgepodge filled with mud, sand, stones, and sawdust.
If the two sides organize their own coalition forces, then they will go directly from the peak duel to a “worst war”.
The more participants there are, the more chaotic the chain of command becomes. No one can tell what the final outcome will be.
Because of internal disputes, even if one party wins, it will be difficult to expand the results and maximize the interests of the alliance.
What everyone will do is just maximize their own interests. Everyone is planning for themselves. Hudson is very suspicious that after the human race defeats the alien race, the Human Race Alliance will become an “existence organization.”
/There is no need to think about the future for the time being.
The appearance of the mainland coalition forces will definitely support all battlefields. As one of the main battlefields of the continental war, the Prairie battlefield was also one of the battlefields supported by the coalition forces.
There is no need for the Alpha Kingdom to help, the Seven Prairie Kingdoms will fight for it themselves. Only by completely defeating the Orc Empire can they re-establish their country.
The forces behind the dignitaries of the Seven Prairie Kingdoms are now also trapped. With such a large initial investment, if the country cannot be restored, their investment will only buy back a bunch of empty titles.
If you don’t want to lose everything, then you can only continue to invest. In a short period of time, even if reinforcements cannot be sent to the prairie battlefield, certain material support must be provided to the Alpha Kingdom.
“Marshal, we have found traces of the enemy’s main force eighty miles ahead. There are Beamon cavalry, lion cavalry, and wolf cavalry, with a total strength of tens of thousands.
Preliminary judgment shows that this should be a troop sent by the orcs to come back for reinforcements. ”
As soon as Tom finished speaking, Hudson did not hesitate at all and immediately ordered: “Send the order and have all the