his feet down, he was also stunned by the scene in front of him.

David could clearly see that this was an ordinary person. Although he was wearing the uniform of a senior police officer, he had no fighting ability.
In addition, the other party was also a senior police superintendent, so David did not take action directly, but just made a gesture of invitation to Director Kurt.
Director Coulter pulled out a police pistol from his armpit and pointed it at the senior superintendent with a very steady hand.
“Director Kurt, how did they die?” The senior police superintendent looked at the two people in the office with surprised eyes, and asked with a strong look and a fierce heart.
The senior police inspector knew the identities of these five people. As powerful soldiers, it was easy for the five soldiers to confront the two people in the director’s office in a small room.
But just after he calmed down the police outside, all five soldiers here died.
As for the pistol in Director Coulter’s hand, the senior police superintendent didn’t care too much. At least for now, he was still a senior police superintendent in the Skynet system. Director Coulter did not dare to shoot the senior police superintendent. of.
“I should ask what the identities of these five people are, why they have documents from the Star Realm Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau, and are trying to take away important criminals. You came with these five people, please answer this question!” Director Kurt But he was well prepared and counterattacked directly.
“Put down the gun!” The senior police superintendent looked at Chief Kurt’s gun-holding hand that maintained a stable posture. His momentum changed, and he said in a command tone like a superior commanding a subordinate.
/“Answer my question, I now suspect that you and these five people have used false identities. Don’t resist, wait for me to inquire to the superiors, otherwise I will shoot!” Director Kurt said solemnly.
Hearing that Director Kurt wanted to inquire online, the senior police inspector panicked slightly, but with the gun pointed at him, he had to stand still.
“Don’t resist, don’t resist, do you hear me, or I will shoot!” Director Kurt suddenly raised his voice and warned loudly.
David looked at Chief Kurt’s performance and said it was just a performance because the senior police inspector didn’t resist at all. How dare an ordinary person move when a gun is pointed at him.
/Just when David didn’t understand why Director Kurt did this, a gunshot rang out, and the senior police officer fell to the ground with a bullet in his eyebrow.
Until his death, the senior police superintendent did not understand that Chief Coulter would shoot. This did not make sense.
“Come here, tell Fergus to come in and deal with it!” Director Kurt shouted to the door.
At this moment, when the beautiful secretary at the door was pushed away by the senior police superintendent, she fell outside the door and before she could get up, a middle-aged police officer in police uniform rushed into the direc