his time, because with the ability of the ‘Phantom Butterfly’, just coming in was enough to cover hundreds of meters around it. With David’s speed, he could not leave this area in a short time.

David felt cruel, and he summoned the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle’. Then he activated the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle”s ‘Intra-abdominal Space’ talent ability, and then the ‘Inner-Abdominal Space’ sent a series of arrows towards David. attract energy.
David agreed to this channeling energy, and his figure disappeared instantly.
He opened his eyes and found that he appeared in a dark space. He turned on the light on the exoskeleton armor and found that the space he was in was as big as a playground.
There was just no time for David to continue checking, because the ‘Phantom Butterfly’ had already entered the cave entrance, and the existence of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ was also discovered.
The current ‘Sonic Boom Beetle’ is two meters in size. At the moment when the ‘Phantom Butterfly’ entered the cave entrance, David turned on the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle’s’ natural ability of ‘size and freedom’ and restored the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle”s Original size.
Immediately, the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ changed from a size of two meters to a huge body of twenty meters, and then the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ rushed towards the ‘Phantom Butterfly’.
David’s mind controlled the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle’. Only when he faced the powerful ‘Phantom Butterfly’ did he realize how powerful the ‘Sonic Boom Beetle’ was.
At this time, the distance between the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ and the ‘Phantom Butterfly’ has long been under the second-level influence of the ‘Phantom Butterfly’ spirit. The dual attacks of butterfly powder and spirit are attacking the soul of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ .
/However, the soul of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ is extremely tough and can survive this double impact for at least several minutes.
David couldn’t help but think that if he didn’t get the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ whose intelligence had been wiped out, then even if the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ was motionless in front of him and allowed to be controlled by him, he would not be able to control it. Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, not to mention transforming it into a golem.
David was originally worried about how long he could last within the range of the ‘Phantom Butterfly”s mental attack, but this problem did not occur, because in the ‘inner space’ of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’, he did not feel anything coming from him. The mental attack of ‘Phantom Butterfly’.
In other words, the ‘inner space’ of the ‘Sonic Boom Iron Beetle’ placed him in another space, which was not within the range of the ‘Phantom Butterfly”s mental attack.
This also reassured him a lot, at least he didn’t have to face the mental attack of the ‘Phantom Butterfly’. You must know that the consequences of the mental attack are very serious. It’s okay to resist it. If you can’t resist it, you will die.
/Although David is still very confident in his mental strength, compared with the fourth-level Zerg, especially the